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Pioneer Water Tanks America provides top-tier water storage that outlasts expectations. Keep water clean and fresh within our exclusive BPA-free, NSF-61 certified AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner.

We operate with a network of water professionals for localized service with manufacturer direct pricing. Call now to get started on the best water storage tank in America!


    Pioneer Water Tanks keep water fresh and clean

    Pioneer Water Tanks has supplied water tank solutions for a wide range of potable, commercial and agricultural applications since 1988. Our exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner safely protects water to keep it fresh and clean. The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is BPA-free and NSF-61 certified with embedded Sanitized® antimicrobial technology to ensure clean water storage.

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    Designed for harsh and demanding conditions, Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured using strong and durable, fully recyclable 100% Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel. Our standard range of tanks are available from 5,000 to 100,000-Gallons or can be custom-built up to one million gallons.

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    Our exclusive North American dealer and project management network facilitate sales, service and, installations. The Pioneer Water tanks industry-leading 20–year conditional warranty covers the tank and liner. We offer a full range of accessories and fittings so that your tank meets your needs and performs to the highest standards.

    Pioneer Water Tanks Trusted Since 1988
    Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

    XL 04/02

    4,99011′ 0″

    XL 08/02

    9,90715′ 5″

    XL 13/02

    16,39219′ 9″

    XL 15/02

    20,24322′ 0″

    XL 23/02

    29,09326′ 4″

    XL 30/02

    39,62630′ 9″

    XL 40/02

    51,78535′ 2″

    XL 50/02

    65,56739′ 6″

    XL 50/03

    97,14839′ 6″