Aqualiner Fresh Pioneer Water Tanks keeps water fresher for longer

AQUALINER® Fresh Tank Liner


Pioneer Water Tanks has partnered with SANITIZED – the world-leading institute in antimicrobial hygiene technology – to create a new cutting-edge tank liner that works to protect against the build-up of mold, algae, mildew, and biofilm.


Keep your water fresh and clean for longer, protected within the exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner.

Pioneer Water Tanks keep water fresh and clean

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    Pioneer Water Tanks, AQUALINER® Fresh antimicrobial tank liner is a world’s first to keep your water fresher, for longer.


    For families across the world relying on the quality of tank water for their daily use and consumption, this means for the first time, being able to enjoy the additional peace of mind that comes with fresher, purer and cleaner water, thanks to the use of antimicrobial technology on the inside lining of Pioneer water tanks.


    The AQUALINER® Fresh is manufactured utilizing a patented three-layer process that adheres to a PP Multifilament Base with a Polyethylene Film on the surface.


    • The PP base, PP/PE Coating, and PE Film are all bound together through a process called Extrusion Coating.
    • The PP Multifilament Base provides strength, flexibility, and dimensional stability.
    • The PE Film provides toughness, water-resistance, and heat seal characteristics.


    “The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is the culmination of Pioneer’s 30 years’ local and international experience in water storage and a result of our continuous drive to improve the way we store water for the benefit of our customers. Water quality is an important global issue and we know it’s one of the most important factors people consider when buying a water tank”

    –  Daniel Wyatt, General Manager, Pioneer Water Tanks.

    NSF 61 Approved Pioneer Water Tanks

    The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner used in Pioneer Water Tanks, is third party NSF 61 certified for drinking water storage. The National Safety Foundation standards for drinking water are developed by a team of scientists and industry experts to guarantee products worldwide.

    BPA free Pioneer Water Tanks

    The exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner that Pioneer Water Tanks is manufactured with NSF-61 certified materials safe for drinking water storage that isn’t made with the chemical BPA. The quality of materials ensures that the liner never imparts a taste to keep your water as fresh the day it first entered the tank.


    Pioneer Water Tanks includes our industry-leading 20-Year warranty on the tank and AQUALINER® Fresh liner. The warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship resulting in leakage, for 20-Years from the date of installation.



    The multi-generational AQUALINER® fabric has been a mainstay of the Pioneer Water Tanks 30-year success story and legendary water-holding performance. The new fabric retains the Globally Patented Multi-layered PP/PE textile with a spun-woven multifilament polypropylene (PP) scrim construction (WO 2007/070917).


    The use of antimicrobial protection in a tank liner is the world’s first use of this technology in this application, and our Australian manufacturer of the fabric has applied for an additional Patent to protect this innovation. The patent application has been accepted and its current status is “Patent Pending 2017902908”.


    Pioneer has back to back exclusivity agreements with everyone in the liner fabric supply chain to ensure the exclusive supply of this product to Pioneer, and Pioneer is the only steel liner tank company in the world who has access to this technology for this application.

    Sanitized Testing of AQUALINER Fresh Tank Liner
    Sanitized Testing of AQUALINER® Fresh Tank Liner
    Aqualiner Fresh Chart



    The AQUALINER® Fresh was designed with key criteria to be both long-lasting and the best suitable material for potable drinking water storage:


    • Flexibility
    • Abrasion-resistance
    • Tear and tensile strength
    • Chemical resistance
    • Fabric Weight
    • Shrink resistance/ stability
    • Waterproofness


    Often the features included in a tank liner addresses one of these criteria has a negative impact on other key criteria, e.g. to address abrasion resistance the fabric is made thicker, however, this harms the liner flexibility performance. As such the design of ideal liner fabric is a balance and compromise of all the solutions that address the key criteria above.

    Pioneer provides clean water storage

    The AQUALINER® Fresh is Built Tough to Outlast Expectations

    The Multifilament Polypropylene (PP) weave feature is specifically designed with Polyethylene (PE) film on both sides. This allows for excellent flexibility, high tensile strength, waterproof, good abrasion resistance, as a reliable water tank liner. The Black PE film is embedded with the Sanitized® antimicrobial technology which prevents bacterial/microbial growth.


    The AQUALINER® Fresh exclusive waterproof Polyethylene (PE) film is laminated to BOTH sides of the liner. The manufacturing seal tape is implemented on both sides of the seams using purpose-built welding equipment.


    The weave base fabric allows the AQUALINER® Fresh liner to bridge gaps in the tank wall. This prevents wicking or weeping through fabric edges against the tank body. The double security of the liner remains watertight, even if one side is damaged.

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