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The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, ARCSA, offers free educational webinars that are ongoing and available online. Pioneer Water Tanks America presents chapter 11 Small-Scale Rainwater Tanks and Barrels through the lens of public education.

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Small-Scale Tanks Chapter 11 of the ARCSA Rainwater Harvesting Manual

by Jessica Huntington with Pioneer Water Tanks America

11.1 Importance of harvesting water in small scale tanks:

  • Rain barrels and small cisterns are great educational tools.
  • Provide a source of water for irrigation and other outdoor uses
  • Show a trial of what rainwater harvesting can accomplish
  • Provide an inexpensive way to install, operate and maintain a rainwater system
  • Small tanks fit in small spaces
  • Small tanks can be lightweight, and easy to move
  • Small scale rainwater systems are implemented on a large scale for water conservation, stormwater management in municipalities.



ARCSA Definitions

Small-scale tank:

single container, or directly connected containers, with a total capacity of less than 360-gallons.

Rain barrel:

simple rainwater harvesting system typically consisting of a 55-gallon drum or plastic barrel, hose, couplings, screen to keep contaminants out, to collect from a residential downspout.


Lakota Water Company at Hill Country Rainwater Revival
Lakota Water Company at the Hill Country Rainwater Revival


Lakota Water Company brought an entire rainwater harvesting system to a past Hill Country Living Rainwater Revival Festival. Showcasing a rainwater system educates the public and draws awareness on how it can be utilized.


Rain Ranchers showcase rainwater harvesting at a past Rodeo event
Rain Ranchers showcase rainwater harvesting at a past Rodeo event


Rain Ranchers at a past rodeo event with different rainwater harvesting systems for public education. The Rain Spot is offered by the Rain Ranchers seen in the image.


11.5 Review and summary

Setting standards for rainwater harvesting systems with nationally-recognized ARCSA helps to curb wide-scale mistakes like poor quality rain barrel distribution.

Small-scale rainwater harvesting provides public education and can be utilized on a large scale in communities for water conservation and stormwater management.

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