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    Pioneer Water Tanks from GEI Works uphold Florida’s fire protection standards, as they meet the strictest requirements by the NFPA Private Fire Protection Code 22. Our water storage tanks are highly rated for industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications and feature dual-use capabilities for both fire suppression and residential water applications. Make your water storage multifunctional with water for firefighting and potable water storage since the tank liner is NSF/ANSI.STD 61 certified.

    We are dedicated to designing and creating a fire protection system to fit your needs.

    Providing Pioneer Water Tanks, the longest-lasting BPA-free water storage tank on the market, we provide complete project management.


    Fire mitigation and means of fire suppression are required considerations in Florida for commercial industries, hospitals, construction sites, and even rural homeowners.

    Many individuals find themselves in remote areas where access to municipal water is in short supply and as a result its necessary to acquire a bulk water storage tank to stay in compliance, save on insurance rates, and control liability in regards to safety, the environment, and decrease the risk of financial liability as a result of a fire or emergency situation.

    Affordable Fire Protection

    We offer fire water storage options that are economical, practical, and readily available. Whether you require bulk water storage or dump tanks for in-field use, GEI Works has the fire suppression tank to meet your needs.

    Our fire protection water storage systems include engineering packages. Optional Florida engineer wet-stamped cover letter by the project can also be included.

    Pioneer Water Tanks are compliant with NFPA standards for water storage for fire protection. The tank body and roof are made of Zincalume® Steel, which is proven to withstand fire immersion. The tank’s firefighting adapters and nozzles are compatible with fire hoses across North America.

    Pioneer Water Tanks can be configured for cyclonic and seismic conditions, as well as heavy industrial zones. Additional accessories are available for different compliance needs. Outfit your tank with anti-vortex fittings and firefighting adapters for quick access during a fire emergency.

    Fire Protection Tanks range from 7 to 11 feet in height with gross capacities ranging from 5,000 gallons to 1,000,000 gallons to accomplish your compliance needs.

    Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

    XL 04/02

    4,99011′ 0″

    XL 08/02

    9,90715′ 5″

    XL 13/02

    16,39219′ 9″

    XL 15/02

    20,24322′ 0″

    XL 23/02

    29,09326′ 4″

    XL 30/02

    39,62630′ 9″

    XL 40/02

    51,78535′ 2″

    XL 50/02

    65,56739′ 6″

    XL 50/03

    97,14839′ 6″

    Custom Sizes

    CustomDesigned to Project


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      Our Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks are an integral part of fire protection systems for residential, commercial, and institutional facilities. In emergency firefighting situations, the demand for water can exceed the supply available from domestic water lines. This is especially true for suburban or rural areas served from a well with a limited delivery.

      Supplement Existing Water Supplies

      When the existing water supply doesn’t meet local fire flow or water hookup requirements, we can provide the water capacity needed. Our full line of firefighting adapter and nozzle options meet most local fire authority requirements.

      Rural Water Systems

      Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured to NFPA 22 Private Fire Protection standards and can be used for fire emergencies across Florida.



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        Pioneer Water Tanks are cost-effective for dual purposes and are approved for fire protection and drinking water. Dual service water storage tanks can be used for fire protection, irrigation, as a potable drinking water source and more applications. Ensure adequate water supply is ready in case of an emergency with the appropriate fire connections for residential and commercial needs. This is typically achieved with two separate plumbing systems being implemented with the water tank. The plumbing pipe for the separate use does not extend below the water elevation that is reserved for fire protection.

        We can deliver and install water storage tanks from 5,000 to 1,000,000-Gallons. Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by our industry-leading 20-Year warranty so you can rest easy knowing you have a water storage solution that will last.




        Our exclusively engineered trusses are hot-dipped galvanized steel equipped with a swivel foot. As a result, it provides optimal movement in your tank in extreme conditions. As your tank adapts to external conditions, you can rest easy your tank won’t fail when you need it most.



        Specifically engineered for strength and durability, our bolts are galvanized high tensile 8.8 grade. Not only are they hardened and super strong, but they are also the most resistant bolt on the market to shear under pressure.



        Pioneer Water Tanks’ exclusive V-LOCK is specifically engineered to maximize the strength of corrugated steel without damaging or stretching your liner when molded to the tank wall. Independent testing proves that our V-LOCK provides the ultimate shock absorption to prevent movement or sinking.



        Be ready for fire emergencies with our fast, convenient firefighting valve options. Outfit your tank with anti-vortex fittings and firefighting adapters for quick access during a fire emergency.


        Only the highest quality Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel are used in Pioneer Water Tanks, providing unmatched durability that no other tank manufacturer can offer- that’s why Pioneer Tanks last longer than any other brand. Pioneer Water Tanks come standard in Zincalume® Steel with your option of upgrading to a wide selection of Colorbond® steel color options.

        Next-generation ZINCALUME® steel AM125 introduces magnesium into the aluminum-zinc alloy coating, which improves galvanic protection by activating the aluminum. The result is more effective corrosion resistance. BlueScope Steel research and testing have found that the addition of 2% magnesium is the optimum level of corrosion performance and coating integrity. Along with a capital investment of over $100 million to facilitate the required manufacturing capability, BlueScope Steel can now produce next-generation ZINCALUME® steel AM125 with even greater durability and a more efficient protective coating mass.

        To ensure the durability and reputation of next-generation ZINCALUME® steel, BlueScope Steel conducted a comprehensive testing program that included a series of accelerated laboratory corrosion tests as well as a strong emphasis on real-world outdoor exposure tests. A thorough and rigorous testing program ensured that the new product provided optimum performance.

        Zincalume vs Galvanized Steel Salt Spray Test
        Pioneer Water Tanks keep water fresh and clean

        Pioneer Water Tanks, AQUALINER® Fresh antimicrobial tank liner is a world’s first to keep your water fresher, for longer.


        For families across the world relying on the quality of tank water for their daily use and consumption, this means for the first time, being able to enjoy the additional peace of mind that comes with fresher, purer and cleaner water, thanks to the use of antimicrobial technology on the inside lining of Pioneer water tanks.


        The AQUALINER® Fresh is manufactured utilizing a patented three-layer process that adheres to a PP Multifilament Base with a Polyethylene Film on the surface.

        • The PP base, PP/PE Coating, and PE Film are all bound together through a process called Extrusion Coating.

        • The PP Multifilament Base provides strength, flexibility, and dimensional stability.

        • The PE Film provides toughness, water-resistance, and heat seal characteristics.

        • Sanitized Technology is inherent in the Black Polyethylene Film that touches the water.

        “The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is the culmination of Pioneer’s 30 years’ local and international experience in water storage and a result of our continuous drive to improve the way we store water for the benefit of our customers. Water quality is an important global issue and we know it’s one of the most important factors people consider when buying a water tank” said Daniel Wyatt, General Manager, Pioneer Water Tanks.


        Ensuring the quality of your water is incredibly important!


        Concrete ring beams are used for commercial and some rural and light industrial water tanks to support the wall and also to hold the tank down during storms and cyclones. Ring beams may also be specified for tanks that are to be constructed on aggressive, acidic soils or where there is a risk of water or wind erosion of the foundation materials.


        Each model of Pioneer Water Tank has an exact cement ring beam dimensions and details that are outlined in our engineering packages. At the time of your order, a specific ring beam drawing will be issued for the project requirements. It’s recommended that there is strict adherence to these specifications for the best performance of the tank.

        NSF 61 Approved Pioneer Water Tanks for potable water

        NSF 61 Certified

        NFPA 22 Pioneer Water Tanks for firefighting

        Commercial Accessories

        AQUALINER® Fresh

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