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The Harris County Fire Code requires enough water supply/pressure, called fire flow, in case of fire emergencies.


507.1 Required water supply. An approved water supply capable of supplying the required fire flow for fire protection shall be provided to premises upon which facilities, buildings or portions of buildings are hereafter constructed or moved into or within the jurisdiction.


Every Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Systems require permits and plan submittals in Harris County before they are installed. New residential and commercial buildings also require permits, with some projects needing a supplemented water supply for fire flow requirements.

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Pioneer Water Tanks America offers supplemental and complete water storage systems that comply with NFPA 22 Standards for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection‎. Our standard range of capacities 5,000-Gallons to 1,000,000-Gallons. We can also provide custom capacities, sizes and for different application requirements.


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Our complete engineering submittal packages provide detailed drawings, engineering calculations, and Texas engineer stamped foundation designs for easier permit submission. Pioneer Water Tanks have full lines of commercial accessories to fulfill local authority requirements to make your tank multifunctional.

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We support a nationwide dealer and installation network that can provide an efficient, onsite, accredited installation without the use of heavy machinery. Pioneer Water Tanks are installed with our proprietary jacking system for larger industrial projects within a week.


Pioneer Water Tanks are proven to be a reliable water source that can include fire hose hookups as well as firefighting nozzles. The cost-effective capacity can also double as an emergency water source since the tank liner is NSF 61 certified for drinking water.



This is one example of a 65,000-Gallon fire protection water tank in Houston, Texas. This project was provided by Rainwater Equipment, RainwaterEquipment.com


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