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    The experience and professional expertise that Innovative Water Solutions provide ensures that projects have the right solution, from the start. Since 2004, we have worked hard to creatively integrate our water conservation systems and drainage systems into your home and property.

    Innovative Water Solutions is an engineering firm that provides consulting and design services for your rainwater harvesting, graywater reuse, and stormwater green infrastructure system.

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    1. The AQUALINER® Fresh, the only antimicrobial tank liner in the world.

    2. The PIONEER V-LOCK® tank wall profile provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains support for the liner while minimizing stress.

    3. The industry-leading 20–year conditional warranty on the tank and liner.

    4. The heavy-duty roof truss system, manufactured for extreme conditions.

    5. Our standard accessories and commercial upgrades expand the functionality of your tank.

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      Innovative Water Solutions designed, installed, and provided the engineering for the Orchard on the Brazos neighborhood water system. The custom water tank is utilized to store potable water as a backup for the small community in central Texas. The Pioneer Water Tank has a custom diameter and height with a capacity of 31,500 gallons (119kl).

      The Pioneer Water Tank is upgraded with Mangrove® COLORBOND Steel. The system implements brass outlets, inlets with a caged ladder and platform.

      • Pioneer Model: XL 10/05

      • Application: Potable Water Storage


      Innovative Water Solutions collaborated on the water system installation used to provide water for wildlife and livestock. There are now three Pioneer Water Tanks on the Reservation. The installation utilized Pioneer’s proprietary jacking system.

      The Pioneer Water Tanks are configured with sidewall access, platforms, and caged ladders.

      • Pioneer Model: XLE 50/03

      • Application: Water for Land Management


      Innovative Water Solutions LLC designed and installed the rainwater harvesting system for the Hennigan’s home. The two Pioneer Water Tanks utilized have a total of 93,200‐gallon capacity rainwater storage. The family home is supplied with clean rainwater for potable and domestic uses.

      The Hennigan system won the 2017 Texas Rain Catcher’s Award for Innovative Water Solutions. The system employs Low‐Impact Development design best practices for sustainable efficiency.

      • Pioneer Models: XL 08/02

      • Application: Rainwater Storage


      Innovative Water Solutions LLC provided a condensation collection system from start to finish for a commercial building. The condensation is safely stored within a 29,093-gallon capacity Pioneer Water Tank. The water is used for irrigation of the property.

      • Pioneer Model: XL 23/02

      • Application: Condensation Collection System

      NSF 61 Approved Pioneer Water Tanks for potable water

      NSF 61 Certified

      NFPA 22 Pioneer Water Tanks for firefighting

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