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Pioneer Water Tanks: The Benefit of Storing Water For Fire Protection Under NFPA 22

    Pioneer Water Tanks: The Benefit of Storing Water For Fire Protection Under NFPA 22 with Brandi Whitaker, Account and Business Development Manager As presented at the 2024 NFPA National Fire Protection Association in Orlando, Florida. Link to follow.   What is NFPA 22? The NFPA® 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire […]

Tanks Alot with the USDA Provides a Rainwater System for the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas

    Tanks Alot along with a local USDA office facilitated a rainwater harvesting system that utilizes Pioneer Water Tanks America for storage. “The system installed by the Alabama Coushatta Tribe of Texas will allow them to harvest and store 65,000 gallons of rainwater which will be used for wildfire mitigation, irrigation of a community […]

Pioneer Water Tanks America 2024 Dealer Conference

    Rainwater harvesting companies, well water, irrigation, agriculture, and businesses providing fire protection services attended the 2024 Pioneer Water Tanks America Dealer Conference: Made Possible Together. Company representatives came from as far as Australia and across America such as Hawaii, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida. We celebrated this past year’s achievements and recognized the leaders […]

Texas Champions Pioneer Water Tanks Join the Take Care of Texas Program

    Pioneer Water Tanks America is grateful to announce becoming a Texas Champion with the Take Care of Texas Proud Partner program. Our team is committed to protecting and conserving the Texas environment in action. We appreciate this opportunity to help engage Texans in making a difference in environmental preservation. The contributions of […]

2023 Pioneer Building to the Future Conference

    We appreciate everyone who attended the 2023 Pioneer Water Tanks America Conference. Every company within our network is an important part of Building the Future providing top-tier water storage solutions. Water professionals from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Texas, Australia, and more joined us at the Wimberley Community Center. Our network of water professionals experienced […]

Wastewater Storage Tank in Puerto Rico with Pioneer Water Tanks America

    The Pioneer Water Tanks America team recently completed a project for a commercial facility in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Richard Dunfield completed the sale, and Ben Pedraza led the onsite supervised installation with a local crew.     The XLE 60/03 model of Pioneer Water Tank stores wastewater within an Industratex liner. The Pioneer […]

Is it illegal to collect rainwater in your state?

    Is it illegal to collect rainwater in your state?   Is rainwater harvesting illegal in America? There are seven states with legal restrictions on rainwater harvesting but it is still allowed everywhere in America. Each state regulates rainwater harvesting with additional local regulations found in some areas. It’s important to understand the regulations […]

Cyclonic Water Storage Tank for Bahamas Resort

    Resorts World Bimini is a 750-acre premier luxury beachfront resort that spans nearly half the island of Bimini. The resort boasts the largest marina complex in the Bahamas and is the center of the sports fishing capital of the world. The resort is located on the westernmost island of the Bahamas, 50 miles […]

2021 Pioneer Dealer Direct Awards

    The Pioneer Water Tanks America network of water professionals provides outstanding local service and support from start to finish. Quality water storage solutions for rainwater harvesting systems, fire protection, drinking water, well water, irrigation, and more safely store with Pioneer Water Tanks. We recognize accredited providers within our network who stand out in […]

Concrete Water Tanks Compared to Pioneer Water Tanks

    Pioneer Water Tanks crate delivery and onsite installation enable a quick turnaround to clean water storage. Water storage is ready to go immediately after the installation inspection is approved in a Pioneer Water Tank. Concrete water tanks installation times can last for several weeks up to months, on top of 28-days or longer […]

What is the best tank for drinking water storage?

    Storing potable drinking water depends on the quality of the water tank construction and materials utilized. The BPA-free, NSF-61 certified AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner stores water at the potable drinking water standard. Which tank is best for drinking water? For over 30-years, Pioneer Water Tanks have focused solely on clean, drinking water storage […]

ARCSA Rainwater Harvesting Manual Chapter 11 with Pioneer Water Tanks America

    The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, ARCSA, offers free educational webinars that are ongoing and available online. Pioneer Water Tanks America presents chapter 11 Small-Scale Rainwater Tanks and Barrels through the lens of public education. View directly through the ARCSA website: View it on YouTube: Small-Scale Tanks Chapter 11 of the […]

Stone Aerospace Utilizes Pioneer Water Tank for Testing Underwater Exploration to Europa

    Stone Aerospace is contracted by NASA for the initial testing of a prototype that will be used to explore the oceans of Europa. Stone Aerospace specializes in underwater exploration vehicles. The contract is to develop the underwater equivalent of a Mars rover to explore the oceans in Europa. Europa is a moon of […]

Catalina Island Pioneer Water Tanks Clean and Consistent Water Storage

      Two Pioneer Water Tanks are anchored above Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island. The beautiful escape of Catalina was developed as a tourist destination by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr in the 1920s. Current preservation is through the Catalina Island Conservancy.     The efficient two-day installation by Pioneer Water Tanks America […]

New Houston Texas Rainwater Harvesting Tax Abatement Available

      “Rainwater capture is ideal for urban areas since it reduces stormwater runoff and potable water use.” (Houston Incentives for Green Development p 12) A year-long study identified incentives to increase sustainable stormwater infrastructure in Houston, published in August of 2019. The City Council approved the new incentives in December 2020 with encouraging […]

How Pioneer Water Tanks are Utilized in America Case Studies

    Pioneer Water Tanks America distributes in North America with projects spanning across 21 states and territories. Pioneer Water Tanks are utilized around the world with a network of local, accredited providers. We’re ready to provide Pioneer Water Tanks for residential and commercial applications. From fire protection to drinking water storage, clients trust in […]

Imágenes del terremoto de Oaxaca México capturan Pioneer Water Tank por APROMSA

      Fue un jueves 2 de julio de 2020, cuando un terremoto de magnitud 4.9 sucedió en Oaxaca, donde un video captura cómo afecta un Tanque de Agua Pioneer. Oaxaca, México, tiene el 25% de los terremotos del país que han azotado el estado (1). ARPOMSA capturó el video, en una empresa que […]

Oaxaca Mexico Earthquake Footage Captures a Pioneer Water Tank by APROMSA

      It was on a Thursday on July 2, 2020, when a 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit Oaxaca, where APROMSA captured a video of a Pioneer Water Tank. Oaxaca, Mexico, experiences 25% of the country’s earthquakes that have struck in the state (1). ARPOMSA is a Durango, Mexico based company who provide Pioneer Water […]

Rainwater Revival 2020

      Pioneer Water Tanks America supports the Hill Country Living + Rainwater Revival Festival every year, along with several of our Authorized Dealers. We usually meet at the Dripping Springs Texas Ranch Park and Event Center with a wide variety of sustainable living exhibits, family-fun activities, live music, tiny homes, and much more […]

Large Capacity Water Storage Tanks for Washington Winery

      The Mercer Winery has two Pioneer Water Tanks to supply for the large-capacity water storage needs. The two XLE 50/03 Pioneer Water Tanks each have a nominal capacity of 97,148-gallons. The tanks provide storage for processing facility wastewater. Pioneer Water Tanks work well in the state of Washington for water storage, fire […]

Galvanized Water Tanks Compared to Zincalume Steel Pioneer Water Tanks

    The biggest advantage of ZINCALUME® steel water tanks is the duplex barrier protection with superior corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel only provides a sacrificial coating for corrosion protection.   Galvanized steel was invented in 1938 and is still manufactured with the original sacrificial protection. The sacrificial protection of galvanized steel is a Zinc coating […]

Rainwater Collection Tanks Safely Store Rainwater

    All-in-one collection and storage rainwater tanks safely store water. Pioneer Water Tanks with added Smart Water Savers are the stand-alone rainwater collection system that can also be a part of larger collection space.     The option of installing Smart Water Savers onto the concave roof of a Pioneer Water Tank adds the […]

Can You Drink Rainwater? Safely Store Rainwater as a Potable Drinking Water Source

    As rainwater comes down on the insulated metal roof, the only question is how much will be collected. The Pioneer Water Tank already has almost 25,000-gallons of clean rainwater safely stored away, but today’s gain is still great to have on hand. This is a reality for many Americans already living off of […]

Fighting Fires and Bushfire Protection in Australia with Pioneer Water Tanks

    Pioneer Water Tanks have been developing water storage solutions for the harsh conditions of Australia for over 30 years. Australia’s extreme fire-prone areas and remote communities without water mains make for durable water needs. Pioneer Water Tanks are implemented for fire protection applications throughout the county for the advantages of the engineered system. […]

Fire Protection Water Storage Solutions Provided by Tanks Alot in Boerne Texas

    Fire Protection Water Storage Solutions Provided by Tanks Alot in Boerne, Texas On top of all of the irrigation and rainwater harvesting solutions that Tanks Alot offers, they are ready to provide fire protection water storage tanks. Tanks Alot is an accredited dealer of Pioneer Water Tanks as a full-service-provider for a wide […]

Why You’ll Never Complain About Your Pioneer Water Tank Being Too Big

    Why You’ll Never Complain About Your Pioneer Water Tank Being Too Big, with Harvested Rain Solutions in Austin, Texas   Water storage capacity is the supply available, and nobody ever complains about having too much. On average, one-inch of rainwater collected from a 1,000-square foot roof can yield about 600 gallons. Without the […]

Planning for Water Self Sufficiency with a Large Capacity Pioneer Water Tank

    Planning for Water Self Sufficiency with a Large Capacity Pioneer Water Tank The first step to planning water self-sufficiency is to adequately prepare for daily water usage with the capacity for a backup. Estimating household water usage should go as detailed as possible. Every detail from the number of showers and the efficiency […]

Pioneer Water Tanks New Option to Add Smart Water Savers Increases Rainwater Collection

    Pioneer Water Tanks New Option to Add Smart Water Savers Increases Rainwater Collection   Pioneer Water Tanks is proud to announce the new Smart Water Saver option. Smart Water adds 1.2MM water flow slots to the rooftop allowing for the potential to harvest hundreds of gallons extra of rainwater.   The amount of […]

Preparing Pioneer Water Tanks for Cold Weather

    Safely store clean water in cold weather and in the winter with Pioneer Water Tanks America Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to work best within the recommended temperature range of the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner (-22°F to 158°F) with the option to implement the Industratex® liner that can withstand a constant temperature down […]

Oklahoma Pioneer Fire Protection System for Easy Access to Water

    Oklahoma Pioneer Fire Protection System Provides Easy Access to Water   Pioneer Water Tanks America provided a fire protection system for a commercial property in Durant, Oklahoma in September. The project included Ben Pedraza, Innovative Water Solutions, Hydrona LLC and Tank Builders for a coordinated installation.   The fire protection system implements an […]

Using Rainwater for Fire Protection with Regards to NFPA 13

    Fire Protection Water Solutions   Pioneer Water Tanks America exhibited and spoke at the 2019 National Fire Protection Association Conference & Expo. We provide residential and commercial water storage solutions with NFPA compliant fire protection options.   Pioneer Water Tanks America presented Using Rainwater for Fire Protection, with regards to NFPA 13 A.23.21. […]

The 2019 Pioneer Water Tanks America Dealer Conference

      The 2019 Pioneer Water Tanks America Dealer Conference: Leading the Way in Water happened on April 26th – 27th, at the Retreat at Balcones Springs in Marble Falls. The gathering included our dealer and installer network that came from Australia, Mexico, California, and from around Texas.   Scott Barnett with Pioneer Water […]

Using Rain Water as a Water Source

      Pioneer Water Tanks Provide Clean and Fresh Rainwater Storage   Rainwater harvesting is legal across America, with eight states that have restrictions. For example, Colorado residents can legally collect rainwater but only up to 150-Gallons, according to Colorado House Bill 16-1005 (2016)   (Learn More about the Legality of Rainwater Harvesting)   […]

Free Rainwater Harvesting Guides in Texas

    Collecting Rain Today for a Better Tomorrow   Turn your roof into a water collection source with rainwater harvesting. Texas has one of the most comprehensive laws protecting rainwater harvesting, the Texas House Bill 3391. In 2001, Texas excluded components of rainwater harvesting systems from sales tax, Section 151.355 of the Texas Tax […]

Fire Protection Water Tanks

      Fire Protection Water Tanks   Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA 22 standards for fire protection water tanks. The tank body and roof are made of Zincalume® Steel, proven to withstand fire immersion. Our full lines of firefighting adapters and nozzles are compatible with fire hoses across North America.   Pioneer Water […]

California Property Tax Exemption for New Rainwater Systems in Effect January 1, 2019

      Only Pioneer Provides Rainwater Systems with Long-Lasting Storage   California Senate Bill No. 558, or as it was first known as Prop 72, passed and was approved by the Governor on January 31, 2018. This act added and repealed Section 74.8 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code to exclude property taxes […]

The Lower Colorado River Authority Rainwater System Rebate

      Only Pioneer Provides Rainwater Systems with Long-Lasting Storage   The Lower Colorado River Authority offers rebates for rainwater systems to qualifying customers. The LCRA may provide rebates for 50% of the total cost, up to $600, per residential property for upgrades to conserve water and increase efficiency.   Rebate eligibility for LCRA […]

Rebates for Rainwater Systems in New Braunfels Texas

      Only Pioneer Provides Rainwater Systems with the Longest-Lasting Storage   The City of New Braunfels in Texas offers rebates for rainwater systems based on $0.50 per gallon of water storage. The maximum rebate allowed is $250 for qualifying New Braunfels utility customers. This compensation program is with the New Braunfels Utility office […]

Houston Fire Protection Water Tanks for Residential and Commercial Needs

      Ready to Supply Water in an Emergency or For Everyday   The Harris County Fire Code requires enough water supply/pressure, called fire flow, in case of fire emergencies.   507.1 Required water supply. An approved water supply capable of supplying the required fire flow for fire protection shall be provided to premises […]

How does a rainwater tank work?

    Only Pioneer Can Protect Rainwater Clean Enough to Drink   Rainwater can be collected off of a rooftop as a sustainable water source and stored in a Pioneer Water Tank for later use. Depending on the system set up, the rainwater can be used for domestic and in some cases, as the primary […]

The City of Round Rock Offers Rebates for Rainwater Systems

    Only Pioneer Provides Rainwater Systems with Long-Lasting Storage   The city of Round Rock, Texas offers rebates for rainwater systems for qualifying residents. The city of Round Rock water customers is eligible, while MUD customers are not. The City is incentivizing rainwater systems as a water conservation effort to reduce utility water use […]

The City of Sunset Valley Texas Offers Rebates for Rainwater Systems to Qualifying Residents

    Providing Rainwater Storage Clean Enough to Drink   The City of Sunset Valley offers financial incentive rebates for rainwater systems to encourage water conservation. Qualifying residents can receive up to $3,500 per household towards the cost of water storage tanks, gutters, leaf screens, first-flush diverters, conveyance piping, and water treatment systems.   Pre-Eligibility […]

Visiting the High-Tech Pioneer Water Tanks Manufacturing Factory

      Leading the Way in Water   Pioneer Water Tanks took off in 1988 with the drive of providing the longest-lasting water storage for the harsh environment of Australia. Engineers designed Pioneer tanks with the innovative V-LOCK corrugated tank body profile to work with the best tank liner manufacturer, Bartlett Industries.   The […]

The Pioneer Water Tanks Project at the Mars Confectionery in Ballarat Australia by Specialised Tank Services

      Leading the Way in Water Storage World Wide   The Mars Wrigley Confectionery in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia has been producing delicious chocolate candy for over thirty years. The Mars Confectionery began in 1979 with 70 staff members and has grown to employ over 1,500 staff while contributing over $3 billion to the […]

The 2018 Australian Pioneer Water Tanks Dealer Conference

      Leading the Way in Water   Pioneer Water Tank distributors met in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia for this year’s conference. The distributor, dealer, installation network of Pioneer Water Tanks is dedicated to keeping the brand quality that is known worldwide. This conference focused on Pioneer Water Tanks leading […]

Watermark Installs a Rainwater System for the Central Home Supply in Santa Cruz County

      Serving Santa Cruz County and Beyond with Sustainable Water Systems   The Watermark Rainwater Harvesting team provides systems for residential and commercial buildings in Santa Cruz County and beyond. The goal at Watermark is to design and build sustainable water systems that are efficient and easy to maintain.   “We are committed […]

What size of rainwater harvesting tank does my system need?

      Supplying Rainwater Harvesting Systems with Clean Storage   The size of a rainwater tank depends on the average annual rainfall in your area, the rooftop collection area and the capacity needs of your household. It’s also important to research the local authority regulations on water tanks, including permitting requirements.   There are […]

Solve Water Well Pressure Problems with a Water Storage Tank

    Providing Clean Water for a Lifetime   Water well flow rates depend on many factors that can have a multitude of solutions. A low well flow that delivers water in the 2.5 GPM range or below, isn’t able to keep up with water usage in a building with typical occupancy. If someone were […]

Austin, Texas Offers Rebates for Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Ready to Store Rainwater for Later Beneficial Use   Rainwater harvesting is one part of the Texas State Water Plan by the TWDB (link) as an alternative water source. Rainwater harvesting helps to alleviate the strain on utility water as well as help managing stormwater, by putting it to later use. Since rainwater […]

The City of San Marcos, Texas Offers Up to $5,000 in Rebates for Rainwater Harvesting

    Only Pioneer Keep Your Rainwater Clean Enough to Drink   The City of San Marcos, Texas encourages rainwater harvesting as a solution to supplementing utility water, as a renewable water source. The City offers up to $5,000 in rebates for purchasing rainwater system components and installation costs.   Rainwater harvesting conveys rain from […]

What Size of Water Tank Do I need for Home Fire Protection?

    Providing Water Storage for Firefighting   The average fire sprinkler system requires seven pounds per square inch (psi) of water pressure to operate effectively. If a residential home water system doesn’t meet the psi needs of the fire sprinkler system (called fire flow), a water storage solution may be needed to obtain a […]

Water Tanks Near Me

    Only Pioneer Can Provide a Lifetime of Clean Water Storage Find the Best Water Tanks Near Your Location Pioneer Water Tanks has supplied water tank solutions for all types of farming, domestic and agricultural applications since 1988. Designed for harsh and demanding conditions, Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured using strong and durable, fully […]

Water Well Volume Calculator

    Providing Long-Lasting Above-Ground Water Storage Solutions   There are digital tools to help water well owners understand how much water is available in a well. There is the alternative, basic calculations that can also estimate how much water is available to them, especially when the property is first purchased or if something major […]

Rainwater Collection Systems are Sales-Tax Free in Texas

    Only Pioneer Can Provide Rainwater Storage Clean Enough to Drink   The State of Texas fully supports rainwater harvesting as a sustainable water use solution. There are Statewide sales tax exemptions and property tax exclusions, as well as many local incentives to collect rainwater. The State Bill also covers allowing loans and other […]

How Much Rainwater Can I Collect From My Roof?

    How Much Rainwater Can You Collect From Your Roof?   With only one inch of rainwater, you can collect around 600-gallons off of a 1,500-square-foot roof every time it rains. Using rainwater collection as a water source has been done for thousands of years, with many states have a resurgence of sustainable practice. […]

Pioneer Water Tanks America at the NFPA 2018 Conference

    Water Storage for Fire Protection Solutions   This year’s NFPA Conference and Expo focused on persistent fire and life safety challenges that are faced for residential and commercial applications. We were able to network across the industry about Pioneer Water Tanks fire protection solutions. Sales Manager, Richard Dunfield, met with many of our […]

California Proposition 72 Rainwater Capture Systems Excluded from Property Tax Assessments Amendment

    Rainwater Harvesting in California   California’s water shortage faces many obstacles that have promoted many unique solutions, including rainwater harvesting. The amount of water available underground varies widely, affecting the state’s farms, businesses, and residents with cost and availability.   In response to the ongoing water crisis, State Senator Steve Glazer (D-7) sponsored […]

June 2018 Pioneer Water Tanks America Schwag Giveaway Contest

    30-Years of Providing Pioneer Water Tanks   Pioneer Water Tanks America is celebrating 30-years of providing quality water storage solutions. From now until June 30, 2018, we will be running a contest on our Facebook and Instagram pages for a prize of a Pioneer Water Tanks schwag package including a travel cooler, PWT […]

What are the NFPA 22 fire protection standards for water tanks?

    Pioneer Water Tanks Comply with NFPA 22 Fire Protection Standard   The NFPA 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection sets the minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of water tanks and their accessories.   Chapter four of the NFPA 22 Standards for Private Fire Protection covers the […]

The New Pioneer Water Tanks America

      Only Pioneer Can Provide a Lifetime of Clean Water Storage   To Our Dedicated Dealer Network and Clients,   We’re excited to announce that Pioneer Water Tanks Pty Ltd, the Australian manufacturer of Pioneer Water Tanks has entered into an agreement with Mark Pape of USRGI to purchase 100% of the shares […]

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