Oaxaca Mexico Earthquake Footage Captures a Pioneer Water Tank by APROMSA




It was on a Thursday on July 2, 2020, when a 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit Oaxaca, where APROMSA captured a video of a Pioneer Water Tank. Oaxaca, Mexico, experiences 25% of the country’s earthquakes that have struck in the state (1). ARPOMSA is a Durango, Mexico based company who provide Pioneer Water Tanks for municipal, industrial, fire, mining, residential, and drinking water storage solutions.



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Earthquake zones require seismic engineering for water storage solutions. The industrial range of Pioneer Water Tanks is available in seismic configuration, as well as for use in cyclonic regions, industrial zones, or other specialized environments. Pioneer Water Tanks offer heavy-duty and cyclonic roof truss configurations on top of our standard designs.


The Pioneer V-LOCK® tank profile increases durability with a protective capped bolt system. The fully enclosed vertical bolt cover system optimizes strength and structural integrity. Also, C-section columns are provided at the vertical bolt seam to resist the overturning forces that arise when earthquakes and tanks collide. The upper tank rings are also connected to the lower tank rings utilizing bolts, which transfer the seismic shear forces. Pioneer Water Tanks industrial range with seismic configuration is to AS1170.4 for severe earthquake loads.


PIONEER V LOCK Tank Structure
PIONEER V-LOCK® Tank Structure


The specific case of July 2, 2020, in Oaxaca didn’t result in a fire disaster. The aftermath of earthquakes commonly includes fire emergencies with the structural damage done, as well as water-main access disruption. The result is some local jurisdictions requiring private, decentralized water access. Pioneer Water Tanks offer anti-vortex fittings and fire fighting adapters for quick water access for these scenarios.


Pioneer Water Tanks accessories
Pioneer Water Tanks Fire Protection Options


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Pioneer Water Tanks professionally engineered storage solutions are ready for the permit process where required. Our engineering package options include a complete set of engineer-approved drawings.


Clients worldwide choose Pioneer Water Tanks as the top-tier water storage solution. Get started on a large-capacity water tank with the experts Leading the Way in Water.



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