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    Pioneer Water Tanks Warranty


    For over 30-Years Pioneer Water Tanks have developed the longest-lasting water storage system worldwide. Backed with our 20-Year warranty, we can say that we’re the only tank company to have been in business for longer than the warranty period they offer so rest assured, we maintain our integrity.


    Pioneer Water Tanks is a one in a lifetime investment in clean water storage, engineered to outlast all other options. Guaranteed clean water storage is backed with our industry-leading 20–Year conditional warranty on the tank and liner.

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    The Pioneer Water Tanks Guarantee


    Pioneer Water Tanks superior design and engineering is third-party tested and proven, providing for the exclusive Pioneer 20/20 Warranty. The Pioneer Water Tanks guarantee is a 20-Year structural warranty in addition to a 20-Year warranty against water leakage.


    Our design and engineering consultant services can provide schematics based on the project requirements. Commercial projects are warrantied based on the consultant engineer recommendations and project application.

    Pioneer Water Tanks 20-Year Warranty

    PIONEER WATER TANKS INC. warrants the steel structure of the tank body (including original attachments), and water-retaining liner membrane (Steel Water Tank and Liner) of each new Pioneer Water Tank against defects in material and/or workmanship resulting in leakage, for a period of 20 (twenty) years from the date of installation. The liability of Pioneer under this warranty is 100% of the approved costs (as defined herein) during the first 5 (five) years from the date of install and a pro-rata share of the approved costs after the initial 5 (five) year coverage. Coverage of approved costs is 75% at the beginning of year 6 (six) and declines 5% per year thereafter.




    Subject to limitations and qualifications as described herein, if a claim is made under this warranty Pioneer will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace the tank body and /or liner should leakage have developed due to a fault in material and/or workmanship within the warranty period. At the time of warranty claim, Pioneer will evaluate the claim and provide the tank owner with the estimated current repair or replacement cost, in advance of any work performed. Tank owner’s required contribution towards repair or replacement cost will be calculated according to the remaining percentage of coverage under the warranty as stated above. This warranty is fully transferable to new tank owners where a tank remains installed in its original location and the new tank owners have notified Pioneer in writing within 1 (one) month of the transfer of ownership.




    Subject to Pioneer’s obligations under applicable laws that cannot be excluded, modified, or restricted under the law:


    1. This warranty is conditioned upon:


    a. Submittal of warranty documents to PWTA by dealer or tank owner within 30 (thirty) days of installation.


    b. Pioneer being notified of any defect within 30 (thirty) days of the defect becoming apparent and, in any event, prior to the end of the warranty period.


    c. Verification of original tank installation by a Pioneer authorized installer.


    2. Warranty shall apply, provided the following conditions are met:


    a. Tanks installed on either a clean inert sand pad, engineered concrete slab or engineered ring beam foundation and with inert aggregate placed around the tank and in accordance with Pioneer’s recommendations.


    b.Tanks fitted with a steel dome roof at the time of installation.


    c.Tanks installed by Pioneer personnel or authorized installers.

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