Preparing Pioneer Water Tanks for Cold Weather



Safely store clean water in cold weather and in the winter with Pioneer Water Tanks America

Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to work best within the recommended temperature range of the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner (-22°F to 158°F) with the option to implement the Industratex® liner that can withstand a constant temperature down to -4°F. For applications outside of our standard temperature range offerings will need a consultation with our design engineers.

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The American Water Works Association (AWWA) generalizes that there are three main causes of water tanks freezing: static water conditions (lack of sufficient water turnover), insufficient tank overflow, and improper design of the structure. Pioneer Water Tanks address these issues within the allotted temperature range with our high quality professional engineered tank designs to be specified into systems for the conditions of the project.

It takes a long time for a larger volume of water to freeze completely, compared to a smaller volume. Implementing larger water storage tanks, like Pioneer Water Tanks, in a system that regularly relies on regular water usage and replacement can prevent freezing in most conditions. The round shape of Pioneer Water Tanks has a smaller surface area as compared to a rectangular or cube-shaped tank, causing less heat loss and providing better insulation.


Preparing Pioneer Water Tanks for Cold Weather
Preparing Pioneer Water Tanks for Cold Weather


The Pioneer roof structures utilize the strength of square hollow sections, fully welded and post galvanized to build a strong, robust structure. The engineered dome roof structure of Pioneer Water Tanks prevents water buildup since the water rolls off of the slight slope of the roof structure.

The AWWA recommends water tanks with a sloped roof helps to prevent a gradual buildup of ice on top since the water rolls off instead of collecting and freezing.

Pioneer Water Tanks include our 6-inch overflow pipe to prevent tank overflow. Our water storage tanks can be easily configured with ventilation air-flow options to increase water turnover. We offer a wide range of commercial accessories to resolve project requirements including airflow and overflow.


Pioneer Water Tanks ventilation air flow options
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The AWWA recommends avoiding insulating the bottom of water tanks since the warm air from below increases the temperature of the tank and prevents the water from freezing. Pioneer Water Tanks are built on concrete ring beams or a clean sand pad base, depending on the application and the location of the project. This allows for the tank liner inside that’s protecting the water to sit on a clean sand pad base, which helps to prevent freezing.


Concrete ring beam for Pioneer Water Tanks
Concrete ring beam for Pioneer Water Tanks


Above ground connecting pipes should be insulated to prevent heat loss and gradual freezing. Chose pipe insulation based on the temperature rating the manufacturer recommends that includes foam pipe wrapping, faucet covers, expanding spray foam, etc.

When preparing your water system for winter, or cold weather, check for leaks or gaps in insulation and fix anything left open to prevent heat loss.

We recommend checking with the water pump manufacturer for specific instructions for pump winterization and maintenance. Sometimes if you work with a contractor, they could have a winterization plan for the water systems they have installed and may also be a resource.

Water storage tanks should have a cold weather plan in place on top of a durable design, like standard and commercial Pioneer Water Tanks. Prepare for cold weather with sufficient water turnover, water overflow and proper tank design with Pioneer Water Tanks America.


We offer a wide variety of water-storage options with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Gallons. Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by our industry-leading warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you have a clean water storage solution that will last.


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