Rainwater Revival 2020




Pioneer Water Tanks America supports the Hill Country Living + Rainwater Revival Festival every year, along with several of our Authorized Dealers. We usually meet at the Dripping Springs Texas Ranch Park and Event Center with a wide variety of sustainable living exhibits, family-fun activities, live music, tiny homes, and much more to experience.


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Pioneer Water Tanks America at a previous Rainwater Revival
Pioneer Water Tanks America at a previous Rainwater Revival with the Lakota Water Company exhibit.


This year, the Hill Country Alliance is taking the event online with a lot of digital offerings – so make sure to check it all out! Our team is ready to talk about water storage and connect you with an accredited provider that would best suit your needs.


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Our in Texas facility has been continuously operating with procedures in place to follow local COVID-19 guidelines. The accredited Pioneer dealer and installer network are still installing tanks while following local restrictions on travel.

Our clients choose Pioneer Water Tanks for rainwater storage for a lifetime of clean water. Pioneer Water Tanks’ over 30-Years of rigorous research and development has produced the longest-lasting water storage tank worldwide. We operate with a network of authorized dealers and installers that provide Pioneer Water Tanks locally, backed with our 20-year warranty.

Lakota Water Company rainwater harvesting system with a Mangrove Pioneer Water Tank
Lakota Water Company provided this rainwater harvesting system for a venue in the Texas Hill Country. Rainwater is safely stored within a Mangrove Pioneer Water Tank.


The exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner protects water inside and is BPA-free, NSF-61 certified for drinking water and is embedded with SANITIZED® antimicrobial technology. Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured with ZINCALUME® Steel that can withstand fire-immersion and still provide water after an emergency.


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We offer a range of capacities from 5,000-gallons to 1,000,000-gallons with custom capacities available for industrial projects. Pioneer Water Tanks are the top-tier rainwater storage solution because of the ability to keep water fresh and clean, as well as the engineering of the long-lasting storage system.


Central Texans have been utilizing rainwater harvesting for homes and businesses at a higher rate than most areas. The State of Texas has one of the most comprehensive laws, House Bill 3391 (2011), that allows for rainwater to be utilized and prohibits municipalities or counties from denying a building permit solely because the facility will implement rainwater harvesting.

Texas has also allowed for rainwater harvesting equipment and supplies to file for a sales-tax exemption, with Section 151.355 of the Texas Tax Code. To claim this exemption, the purchaser must fill out and give a Tax Exemption Application Form 01-339 to the supplier at the time of purchase.


> Learn More about Sales-Tax exemption in Texas for rainwater harvesting products

We operate with a network of accredited providers and installers for localized service. Our network providers who are attending this year’s online Hill Country Living + Rainwater Revival Festival:

Lakota Water Company, Lakota Tank Company
“Incorporating in 2002 as Rossing’s, Inc. d/b/a Lakota Water Company, the staff and crews have serviced nearly 1,000 customers across the nation with either rainwater harvesting or water treatment needs, both residential and commercial. Specializing in the installation of large-scale potable rainwater harvesting systems, the company is also known for consulting, design, and inspections of rainwater systems.”

Learn more: https://lakotawatercompany.com/
Call Lakota Water Company: (512) 858-0860


Pioneer Water Tanks America at a previous Rainwater Revival
The Lakota Water Company designed and installed a rainwater harvesting system for this Texas Hill Country property as a sustainable water source. The rainwater is safely stored within the 40,000-gallon capacity Pioneer Water Tank.

Harvested Rain Solutions
Harvested Rain Solutions was founded in 2008 to make better use of the tens of thousands of gallons of water that run off roofs every year in the Austin area. Rainwater harvesting is a solution to water shortages that originates right over our heads! HRS can also tame many stormwater issues (really just poorly behaving rainfall!) with cistern based detention/retention systems for commercial and residential projects. HRS is a Texas State Licensed Irrigation Contractor and can help with the full development of an RWH system from collection to use.
Learn more: https://www.harvestedrainsolutions.com/
Call Harvested Rain Solutions: (877) 693-2166

Harvested Rain Solutions provided a rainwater harvesting system from design, to installation. Rainwater is stored within the Pioneer Water Tank.
Harvested Rain Solutions provided a rainwater harvesting system from design to installation. Rainwater is stored within the Pioneer Water Tank.


Harvest Rain
Harvest Rain is a full-service rainwater company providing rainwater collection and turn-key NFPA fire protection systems.
Our professional team will come to install a complete, worry-free, system

You begin the fulfilling process of harvesting rain install a complete, worry-free, system

Harvesting rain allows you to save money on water expenses annually
Learn more: https://harvestrain.com/
Call Harvest Rain: (512) 645-2955

Harvest Rain Austin Texas Pioneer Water Tanks
Harvest Rain won the Texas Rain Catcher’s Award for this rainwater harvesting system design and utilization. Rainwater is stored within two Pioneer Water Tanks in Mangrove.


Innovative Water Solutions
Since 2004, Innovative Water Solutions LLC has been creating practical, beautiful water management solutions to suit your individual needs. We can move stormwater from problematic areas, store rainwater for later use, or reduce your outdoor water demand… and we can do all of those things at the same time. So no matter if we are in the midst of a drought or torrential rainstorms, our solutions will provide you with peace of mind. From the founders’ backgrounds as Peace Corps volunteers, IWS has a passion for the sustainable management of our water resources. We are an engineering design/build firm that is driven by these ideals through water conservation and stormwater management solutions for residential and commercial projects.

Learn more: https://www.watercache.com/
Call Innovative Water Solutions: (512) 490-0932

Innovative Water Solutions provide Pioneer Water Tanks
Innovative Water Solutions provided a rainwater harvesting system for a Central Texas home that supplies for drinking and domestic water use. The Pioneer Water Tank safely stores the rainwater for sustainable use.


Rainwater Equipment
Rainwater Equipment LLC is a nationwide supplier of water tanks (small or large capacities), filters, water pumps, water treatment products (such as UV Systems and Ozone Generators), and more. We offer over-the-phone product selection assistance for your specific project, competitive pricing, and fast shipping. We can also provide quotes for larger projects including well water storage, fire protection, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Learn more: https://rainwaterequipment.com/
Call Rainwater Equipment: (877) 331-7008

Rainwater Equipment provided a 65,000 gallon Pioneer Water Tank for rainwater storage
Rainwater Equipment provided a 65,000-gallon Pioneer Water Tank for rainwater storage for a property in the Valley Mills, Texas area.


Tanks Alot

We are Tanks Alot. We are an environmentally conscientious company. We’re a one-stop-shop for all of your rainwater collection and storage needs.

Our company is a family-owned and operated business. Jesse Beavers, owner, a native-born Texan, veteran of the US Army, and is an ARCSA Accredited Professional knowing rainwater catchment systems, design, and construction.

We are an environmentally conscientious company that handles polyethylene tanks for rainwater harvesting, water storage, and chemical storage. We also sell liquid storage tanks that can be used for many purposes in the oilfield industry. Tanks Alot has a wide variety of sizes and colors of Tanks for many different uses. We can ship directly to your door anywhere in the US, some restrictions may apply. Installing a simple Rain Harvesting System will reduce your water demand on already limited supplies, and will help reduce groundwater runoff. Rain Harvesting can also help save money on your water bill! The chemical-free rainwater will make your plants happier and help preserve water in your area. Rainwater collection and storage can be used for well water storage systems, a property without running water, and filling troughs for cattle or livestock. If you are considering rainwater harvesting or water storage and want to talk to us about your options, give us a call. You will love doing business with us!

Learn more: http://www.tanksalottx.com/

Call Tanks Alot: (830) 331-7330

Tanks Alot provided a rainwater harvesting system for the Bandera Natural History Museum. Rainwater is safely stored within a Pioneer Water Tank.
Tanks Alot provided a rainwater harvesting system for the Bandera Natural History Museum. Rainwater is safely stored within a Pioneer Water Tank.


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