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    Owner of Rainwater Systems Inc, Barry Wall is an accredited ARCSA expert in rainwater harvesting as well as experienced in drinking water systems. Rainwater collection is our passion, and we donate time to educational efforts regarding water conservation. With our background in Biology and a lifetime of experience, we bring you hands-on services that meet your every need.

    We are dedicated to designing and creating a water system to fit your needs.

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    Rainwater Systems Inc provides Pioneer Water Tanks


    Providing Pioneer Water Tanks, the longest-lasting BPA-free water storage tank on the market, we provide complete project management.


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      1. The AQUALINER® Fresh, the only antimicrobial tank liner in the world.

      2. The PIONEER V-LOCK® tank wall profile provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains support for the liner while minimizing stress.

      3. The industry-leading 20–year conditional warranty on the tank and liner.

      4. The heavy-duty roof truss system, manufactured for extreme conditions.

      5. Our standard accessories and commercial upgrades expand the functionality of your tank.

      BPA free Pioneer Water Tanks

      The exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner that Pioneer Water Tanks is manufactured with NSF-61 certified materials safe for drinking water storage that isn’t made with the chemical BPA. The quality of materials ensures that the liner never imparts a taste to keep your water as fresh the day it first entered the tank.

      NSF 61 Approved Pioneer Water Tanks

      The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner used in Pioneer Water Tanks, is third party NSF 61 certified for drinking water storage. The National Safety Foundation standards for drinking water are developed by a team of scientists and industry experts to guarantee products worldwide.


      Pioneer Water Tanks includes our industry-leading 20-Year warranty on the tank and AQUALINER® Fresh liner. The warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship resulting in leakage, for 20-Years from the date of installation.

      The Kerrville Kroc Community Center rainwater system consists of two 65,000-Gallon Pioneer Water Tanks with hundreds of feet of service line for a total capacity of just under 250,000-Gallons. Rainwater Systems, Inc provided the system and won the 2010 Texas Rain Catcher Award for excellence in sustainability.


      The system collects rain from the roof, the swimming pool deck and from the air conditioning condensation for a total collection of around 1,200,000-Gallons per year. The rainwater is used for irrigation of the complex, as well as for other domestic needs.

      Rainwater Systems Inc Avery Pioneer Rainwater Tanks

      Rainwater Systems, Inc provided this commercial rainwater system for the James Avery Artisan Jewelry headquarters. The system utilizes two 65,000-Gallon Pioneer Water Tanks for clean rainwater storage.


      The system annually produces around 3,276,000-Gallons of rainwater that is used for irrigation. The Pioneer Water Tanks have three entrance and exit points for each point, for efficient water distribution for irrigation.

      The Kerrville Adult Detention Center rainwater system is designed and installed by Rainwater Systems, Inc. The system has a collection capacity of 136,000-gallons with a rooftop collection space of approximately 40,000 square feet.


      The system supplies water for the inmate garden that teaches farming skills. The project supplies fresh produce to the local “meals on wheels” program, K-STAR, a shelter for children and women. The garden produces an annual average of 9,000 pounds of produce to donate.

      Rainwater Systems, Inc provided the design and installation for the Sisterdale Volunteer Fire Department project. Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in the 40,000-Gallon Pioneer Water Tank to fill the fire trucks with clean water.


      The system also includes a 500 GPM pump that will make the water accessible in case of a fire emergency. The multiple fittings on the water tank make the water easily accessible.


      Expand the functionality of your water storage system with our commercial accessory options. Pioneer Water Tanks can be configured to the project requirements with the option to add our engineering package for permitting.

      Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to NFPA standards for water storage for fire protection. The tank body and roof are made of Zincalume® Steel, which is proven to withstand fire immersion. The tank’s firefighting adapters and nozzles are compatible with fire hoses across North America.


      Pioneer Water Tanks can be configured for cyclonic and seismic conditions, as well as heavy industrial zones. Additional accessories are available for different compliance needs. Outfit your tank with anti-vortex fittings and firefighting adapters for quick access during a fire emergency.


      Fire Protection Tanks range from 7 to 11 feet in height with gross capacities ranging from 5,000 gallons to 1,000,000 gallons to accomplish your compliance needs.



      Be ready for fire emergencies with our fast, convenient firefighting valve options. Outfit your tank with anti-vortex fittings and firefighting adapters for quick access during a fire emergency. Learn More about Pioneer Fire Protection

      Pioneer Water Tanks America offers our standard water storage tank models with the option to upgrade or addon accessories

      Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

      XL 04/02

      4,99011′ 0″

      XL 08/02

      9,90715′ 5″

      XL 13/02

      16,39219′ 9″

      XL 15/02

      20,24322′ 0″

      XL 23/02

      29,09326′ 4″

      XL 30/02

      39,62630′ 9″

      XL 40/02

      51,78535′ 2″

      XL 50/02

      65,56739′ 6″

      XL 50/03

      97,14839′ 6″

      Custom Sizes

      CustomDesigned to Project



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