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Only Pioneer Provides Rainwater Systems with the Longest-Lasting Storage

The City of New Braunfels in Texas offers rebates for rainwater systems based on $0.50 per gallon of water storage. The maximum rebate allowed is $250 for qualifying New Braunfels utility customers. This compensation program is with the New Braunfels Utility office and is paid as a credit on water billing accounts, so to qualify the business or residence must be a customer of NBU. This rebate program is ending soon, one requirement is that the application is being accepted before July 31, 2017.


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There are a few requirements for systems including:


1. Systems’ overflow must be designed to prevent erosion or localized flooding. Pioneer Water Tanks’ include the largest overflow on the market with a six-inch diameter to prevent incidents.


2. Rain barrels and tanks should be elevated at least 6 inches off the ground. Pioneer Water Tanks include a sand pad or cement ring beam option that qualifies for this requirement.


3. If a rainwater tank is installed, it must have a first flush system designed to divert and discard the first 10 gallons for every 1000 square foot of rain catchment area.


4. Water storage tanks need to be opaque or painted to prevent light from entering. With a Pioneer Water Tank, this is never an issue since it’s a bolted tank with the water protected within the five-layered Aqualiner tank liner. The liner has a 65-year lifespan and is NSF/ANSI 61 certified as well as BPA-Free.


5. Rain storage openings should be covered with screening small enough to prevent mosquitoes. The filter basket that is included with a Pioneer Water Tank has a thousand count mesh that goes beyond requirements to prevent mosquito and other contamination.


6. The application for the rebate must include a detailed drawing of the catchment vessel location.


7. The rebates can be used for non-potable systems only and cannot be used for drinking.


8. The rainwater systems cannot be connected to NBU’s potable water system.


9. A final inspection of the rainwater storage tank by an NBU Resource Conservation Representative is required to qualify.

Rainwater rebates in New Braunfels Texas

Rainwater rebates in New Braunfels Texas

All rainwater collection/harvesting equipment is exempt from sales tax, within the State of Texas, per Section 151.355 of the Texas Tax Code. To claim this exemption, the purchaser must furnish a Tax Exemption Application Form 01‐339 to the supplier at the time of purchase.


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