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Commercial Pioneer Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks offer a heavy-duty configurable water storage solution for even the most demanding projects. Built from high-quality Zincalume® steel and engineered to specifications, our tanks are among the most durable in the industry. This claim is backed by a competitive, per-project manufacturer’s warranty on the tank body, liner, and accessories where conditions are met.

Complete Project Management, We Help with Permitting

Commercial Pioneer Water Tanks are delivered to and built directly at the project site without the use of cranes, which reduces the overall project cost and allows for the most flexibility in adapting to the site’s installation requirements.


1. The AQUALINER® Fresh, the only antimicrobial tank liner in the world. The Industratex® commercial tank liner for specialized applications.

2. The PIONEER V-LOCK® tank wall profile provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains support for the liner while minimizing stress.

3. The industry-leading 20–year conditional warranty on the tank and liner.

4. The heavy-duty roof truss system, manufactured for extreme conditions.

5. Our standard accessories and commercial upgrades expand the functionality of your tank.

Commercial Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered for durability with increased roof trussing and tank wall reinforcement. Commercial water storage systems utilize the heavy-duty roof that is structurally designed to enable mounting of features such as vents, hatches, and or platforms.


The commercial Pioneer Water Tank system series can be configured to the application with accessory options. Our engineering packages work with local engineering consultants to provide for the permitting.

Commercial Pioneer Water Tanks America


The 100,000-Gallon model of Pioneer Water Tank is a three stacked panel system with increased roof trussing and wall panel enforcement. Wall panel sheets are pre-curved for each tank size to achieve the required circumference. Tank walls are comprised of three stacked rings bolted together with reinforcement. An overflow outlet is placed in one upper wall panel to account for design seismic sloshing effects. The overflow outlet height varies by tank size.


The XLE 50/03 Pioneer Water Tank is designed in accordance with AS2304 “Water storage tanks for fire systems” which references AS1170-2 Structural design actions Part 2 – Wind actions. The wind design parameters are:

• Importance level 2 (Normal Structures)
• 25-year design life (200-year recurrence interval)
• Region B
• Terrain Category 2
• Structure height < 5 metres (16.4ft)
• Topographical and shielding factors = 1.0
• Basic regional wind velocity = 51.8ms-1 (115.9mph)
• Resulting design pressure = 1.21kPa (25.3psf)



This tank is designed to withstand an effective seismic acceleration coefficient of up to 0.7 (refer Tables 2 & 3) and the seismic loads developed as per AS2304 which has the same methodology as AWWA D 103-97 “Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks for Water Storage”. The attached calculation sheets are for a seismic acceleration coefficient of 0.7.



Pioneer Water Tanks XLE-S series tanks are designed to withstand a maximum uniformly distributed live load or snow load of 1.0kPa (20psf) or a concentrated load of 1.4kN (300lbs) with the addition of internal and external columns and diagonal truss bracing. Roof support structures (trusses) are designed to accommodate maintenance and construction footfalls in the vicinity of the roof trusses. Roof activity shall be limited to installation and/or maintenance purposes. Roof structures shall not be altered or re-roofed without professional engineering

Pioneer Water Tanks keep water fresh and clean

Pioneer Water Tanks, AQUALINER® Fresh antimicrobial tank liner is a world’s first to keep your water fresher, for longer.


For families across the world relying on the quality of tank water for their daily use and consumption, this means for the first time, being able to enjoy the additional peace of mind that comes with fresher, purer and cleaner water, thanks to the use of antimicrobial technology on the inside lining of Pioneer water tanks.


The AQUALINER® Fresh is manufactured utilizing a patented three-layer process that adheres to a PP Multifilament Base with a Polyethylene Film on the surface.


• The PP base, PP/PE Coating, and PE Film are all bound together through a process called Extrusion Coating.
• The PP Multifilament Base provides strength, flexibility, and dimensional stability.
• The PE Film provides toughness, water-resistance, and heat seal characteristics.

Commercial projects may require implementing the Pioneer Water Tanks’ Industratex® liner. The Industratex® tank liner can store a wide variety of non aggressive and aggressive water types but requires testing and controlled systems to ensure the tank liner lifespan.

The Industratex® tank liner is resistant to various chemicals, but to be certain if suitable for your application we recommend a chemical analysis report to confirm.



(1) Recommended concrete compressive strength is 17MPa (2,500psi).

(2) Minimum allowable bearing capacity is 72kPa (1,500psf).

(3) The foundation must be embedded a minimum 300mm (12″) below existing grade to bear upon undisturbed native soils. If topsoil, organic materials, or uncontrolled fill soils are encountered, then the footing trench shall be over-excavated to remove those materials until undisturbed native soils are encountered. The trench can then be backfilled with concrete or engineered structural fill.

(4) Should there be any doubt about the stability or strength of the bearing soils, or if corrosive soil conditions are suspected, site-specific professional engineering advice should be sought.
(5) Refer to Drawing “XL50-RB-23-001” for additional requirements for the XLE-S 50/03 snow load tank.


Expand the functionality of your water storage system with our commercial accessory options.


Pioneer Water Tanks can be configured to the project requirements with the option to add our engineering package for permitting.

Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to NFPA standards for water storage for fire protection. The tank body and roof are made of Zincalume® Steel, which is proven to withstand fire immersion. The tank’s firefighting adapters and nozzles are compatible with fire hoses across North America.


Pioneer Water Tanks can be configured for cyclonic and seismic conditions, as well as heavy industrial zones. Additional accessories are available for different compliance needs. Outfit your tank with anti-vortex fittings and firefighting adapters for quick access during a fire emergency.

Learn More about the Applications of Pioneer Water Tanks



Be ready for fire emergencies with our fast, convenient firefighting valve options. Outfit your tank with anti-vortex fittings and firefighting adapters for quick access during a fire emergency. Learn More about Pioneer Fire Protection

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    Pioneer Water Tanks Foundations

    The foundation for Pioneer Water Tanks depends on the location and application of the water storage project. Pioneer Water Tanks may have the option to sit on a clean sand pad base or may be required to be anchored to a concrete ring beam depending on the local authority.

    This short video shows a concrete ring beam being installed for a 51,785-Gallon Pioneer Water Tank in Nothern California.

    Concrete ring beam outline for Pioneer Water Tanks

    The ring beam drawings specify the size, number and spacing of the reinforcing bars and ligatures to be used as well as the MPA rating for the concrete. Ring beams should be as level as possible and have no more than +/- 1/16” over any 5’0” (+/- 2mm over any 2m) of the circumference at the tank wall position and +/- 1/8” (+/- 4mm) over the entire ring beam. A survey chart will need to be completed and returned to your local installer for approval before the construction is started.

    Concrete ring beam for Pioneer Water Tanks

    The local Pioneer Water Tanks installer needs to ensure that foundation conditions are adequate. All water storage systems are subject to the local authority requirements so Pioneer Water Tanks also recommends local installers adhere to that authority for the tank location.

    Pioneer Water Tanks America offers our standard water storage tank models with the option to upgrade or addon accessories

    Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

    XL 04/02

    4,99011′ 0″

    XL 08/02

    9,90715′ 5″

    XL 13/02

    16,39219′ 9″

    XL 15/02

    20,24322′ 0″

    XL 23/02

    29,09326′ 4″

    XL 30/02

    39,62630′ 9″

    XL 40/02

    51,78535′ 2″

    XL 50/02

    65,56739′ 6″

    XL 50/03

    97,14839′ 6″

    Custom Sizes

    CustomDesigned to Project

    Pioneer Water Tanks’ over 30-Years of rigorous research and development has produced the longest-lasting water storage tank worldwide. Pioneer Water Tanks are approved for drinking water, fire protection, irrigation, livestock, and many other commercial applications in the United States.

    Our full range of custom water storage tanks can be configured to the application and project site requirements. The Pioneer Water Tanks Gross Capacity Chart covers our custom and standard models.

    Pioneer Water Tanks America capacity chart

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