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Harvested Rain Solutions was founded in 2008 to provide rainwater collection services to central Texas and has grown to provide multiple water applications. Owner, Ron Van Sickle, has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University. When he was faced with a water shortage at his residence in 2008, he took initiative by becoming involved in sustainable water systems and rainwater harvesting. Ron created Harvested Rain Solutions soon after to further supply products and Pioneer Water Tanks to everyone in his area.

As an authorized dealer of Pioneer Water Tanks, Rain Harvested Solutions provides installation and design of the Best Selling Bolted Water Tanks in the World. Contact Harvested Rain Solutions today to begin, serving the Texas area.


Providing Pioneer Water Tanks, the longest-lasting BPA-free water storage tank on the market, we provide complete project management.


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Harvested Rain Solutions provided rainwater system in Wimberley



Harvested Rain Solutions designed and installed this rainwater harvesting system for the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association. The system utilizes rainwater collected off of a building roof for irrigation on the property.

The rainwater is stored in a 29,093-Gallon Pioneer Water Tank and installed on a clean sand pad. The rainwater tank is surrounded by natural limestone that was dug up during the tank pad construction to strengthen the foundation.


Application: Rainwater Harvesting

Model: XLR 23/02 Pioneer Water Tanks



This commercial property didn’t have an adequate water supply for fire flow requirements by the local Fire Marshal. Harvested Rain Solutions provided this XLE 13/02 Pioneer Water Tank with the appropriate fire connections, signage, and required accessories for the property.


The water tank is anchored to a cement ring beam for extra durability. The fire protection water tank is now permitted with the authority and is ready to provide water in case of an emergency.


Application: Fire Protection

Capacity: 16,392-Gallons



Harvested Rain Solutions designed and installed the original 195,000-gallon rainwater system for Sky Springs™. Sky Springs™ is a commercial rainwater harvesting and bottling company in Dripping Springs. Harvested Rain Solutions expanded the system with two additional XL 23/02 Pioneer Water tanks as their operations grew.


Sky Springs™ innovative production implements gravity, carbon filtration, ozone, and gentle UV light to filter the rainwater. The rainwater produced at the facility is 20 times more pure than Evian bottled water. Every step of the process protects the rainwater, including being stored in BPA-free Pioneer Water Tanks after the rooftop collection and filtration process.


Application: Fire Protection

Capacity: 16,392-Gallons



This rainwater harvesting system was an expansion for a ranch in South Texas. Harvested Rain Solutions added about 40,000 gallons of storage capacity with a Pioneer Water Tank XL 30/02 for a total of capacity of 95,000 gallons. This should pretty much eliminate the need to bring water in by truck in the summer to the ranch.


The accredited crew completed the rainwater tank in one day and left the client satisfied with the clean job site. The rainwater system supplies water for drinking and domestic use for the ranch.


Application: Rainwater Storage

Capacity: 95,000-Gallons Total


1. The AQUALINER® Fresh, the only antimicrobial tank liner in the world.

2. The PIONEER V-LOCK® tank wall profile provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains support for the liner while minimizing stress.

3. The industry-leading 20–year conditional warranty on the tank and liner.

4. The heavy-duty roof truss system, manufactured for extreme conditions.

5. Our standard accessories and commercial upgrades expand the functionality of your tank.





The first antimicrobial tank liner in the world, our exclusive five-layer AQUALINER® Fresh keeps your water fresher for longer with embedded Sanitized® Silver technology. With a life expectancy of 65 years, the AQUALINER® Fresh is designed to fit the Pioneer Water Tank to prevent contamination.



Our geotextile underlay is the ideal way to protect your AQUALINER® Fresh from being compromised by sharp objects that may be caught inside your water tank.



Reduce the number of contaminants to protect your precious water supply with Pioneer Water Tanks’ high-density foam sealer.



Our sacrificial magnesium anodes significantly extend the life of your water tank by protecting the tank from corrosion. Made from magnesium, the anodes erode in place of the water tank, thereby protecting the steel and allowing the tank to last longer than other systems. Pioneer Water Tanks recommend your anodes be replaced every 10 years so you can enjoy the benefits of your tank for life.



Pioneer Water Tanks provides a 6” diameter overflow downpipe, the largest overflow system on the market. The overflow size moves excess water away from the tank quickly to effectively reduce pressure on your tank and avoid costly damage to your tank components.


Next-generation ZINCALUME® steel AM125 introduces magnesium into the aluminum-zinc alloy coating, which improves galvanic protection by activating the aluminum. The result is more effective corrosion resistance. BlueScope Steel research and testing have found that the addition of 2% magnesium is the optimum level of corrosion performance and coating integrity. Along with a capital investment of over $100 million to facilitate the required manufacturing capability, BlueScope Steel can now produce next-generation ZINCALUME® steel AM125 with even greater durability and a more efficient protective coating mass.

Only the highest quality Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel are used in Pioneer Water Tanks, providing unmatched durability that no other tank manufacturer can offer- that’s why Pioneer Tanks last longer than any other brand. Pioneer Water Tanks come standard in Zincalume® Steel with your option of upgrading to a wide selection of Colorbond® steel color options.

Pioneer Water Tanks America offers our standard water storage tank models with the option to upgrade or addon accessories

Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter

XL 04/02

4,99011′ 0″

XL 08/02

9,90715′ 5″

XL 13/02

16,39219′ 9″

XL 15/02

20,24322′ 0″

XL 23/02

29,09326′ 4″

XL 30/02

39,62630′ 9″

XL 40/02

51,78535′ 2″

XL 50/02

65,56739′ 6″

XL 50/03

97,14839′ 6″

Custom Sizes

CustomDesigned to Project



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