The City of Round Rock Offers Rebates for Rainwater Systems



Only Pioneer Provides Rainwater Systems with Long-Lasting Storage

The City of Round Rock, Texas offers rebates for rainwater systems for qualifying residents. City of Round Rock water customers are eligible, while MUD customers are not. The City is incentivizing rainwater systems as a water conservation effort to reduce utility water use for irrigation.


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The maximum rebate offered is $600 per qualifying resident, per year. The rebate can be used only for non-potable systems to use for irrigation and other domestic purposes. The City rebate is intended to go towards the cost of the water storage tank, pad material, pump, pipes, and gutters if needed. The system cannot be connected to the City’s water supply.


Other eligibility requirements:


– Applicant must be a direct City of Round Rock water customer in good standing. (MUD customers are not eligible)


– An itemized receipt must be submitted with the application within 60‐days of installation. The receipt must include date, vendor name and address, the amount paid, and capacity of the tank.


– The applicant is responsible for obtaining HOA approval, if applicable. HOAs cannot prohibit rainwater harvesting in the City of Round Rock; however, they may dictate where the system may be located on your property.


– Rebates are available until funds have been expended. Visit for available rebates. Once funds are exhausted the rebate program will no longer appear on the website.

All rainwater collection/harvesting equipment is exempt from sales tax, within the State of Texas, per Section 151.355 of the Texas Tax Code. To claim this exemption, the purchaser must furnish a Tax Exemption Application Form 01‐339 to the supplier at the time of purchase.


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