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To Our Dedicated Dealer Network and Clients,


We’re excited to announce that Pioneer Water Tanks Pty Ltd, the Australian manufacturer of Pioneer Water Tanks has entered into an agreement with Mark Pape of USRGI to purchase 100% of the shares in Acer Water Tanks Inc.


Acer Water Tanks has built a reputation amongst its customers for quality products supplied with ethical and professional service across North America. Pioneer Water Tanks is based in Perth Western Australia, and for 30 years has been a trusted manufacturer of high-quality water storage tanks, with a proven history of quality, innovation, and service.


This will lead the way for Pioneer establishing a direct presence in the USA which will allow it to build a strong and sustainable business based on delivering fantastic value to its American network. We look forward to this growth along with continuing to provide advancements in water storage.


Thank you to our extended Dealer Network and Clients,


Daniel Wyatt, General Manager


Scott Barnett, Sales & Projects Manager


Ashlea Keith, North American Director of Operations


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