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    PIONEER V-LOCK® tank wall profile


    The modern and unique PIONEER V-LOCK® wall profile provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains perfect support for the liner molded to the inside of the tank wall.

    The PIONEER V-LOCK® design maximizes the strength of your tank to ensure it stays in shape when full or empty while minimizing liner stress.


    The PIONEER V-LOCK® Tank Profile design is unique to Pioneer Water Tanks’ manufacturing. Along with high-grade industrial materials, the corrugated profile makes Pioneer Water Tanks stiffer and stronger than rounded corrugated tanks.

    V Lock Pioneer Water tanks profile

    The PIONEER V-LOCK® tank design is listed in technical specifications for every model of Pioneer Water Tank, “TANK BODY Wall Panels – Grade 300MPa (44,000psi) steel sheets, profiled and fabricated according to the V-LOCK wall panel design, are fastened horizontally to each other and vertically to column supports. Nominal sheet dimensions are 2.2m (7.2ft) x 1.1m (3.6ft). Wall panel sheets are pre-curved for each tank size to achieve the required circumference.”

    Vertical Wall Panel Connections

    Wall panel sheets are joined vertically using hot-dipped galvanized steel
    bolts to a C-section column which supports the structural actions arising from seismic design loads. A metal cover is used to protect the bolted connection from tampering and to provide an aesthetic finish that matches the finish of the tank body material.

    The above image was taken inside of a commercial Pioneer Water Tank, with an Industratex® liner being affixed to the PIONEER V-LOCK® tank profile with multiple points. This alleviates stress on the liner.


    The Pioneer wall profile supports the liner better and makes it last longer. The shape of the PIONEER V-LOCK® tank design prevents wicking, unlike with a rounded corrugation.

    Discover the Difference in Pioneer Water Tanks



    Pioneer Water Tanks are committed to providing the best quality storage system and service from the first contact to the completed project and after-sales service. Our continual research and development since 1988 have produced top-tier water storage systems that are trusted for multiple applications.


    The structural engineering of Pioneer Water tanks is suitable for fire protection rural, domestic or commercial use with the option for designs to suit earthquake zones, cyclonic regions, heavy industrial, or highly specialized environments.


    Our standard and custom water tank models can be configured to the project requirements with our qualified engineering personnel and independent consultant engineers. We offer NFPA 22 compliant fire protection accessories and permitting packages for projects where it’s required.



    There are Pioneer Water Tanks that were built in 1988 that remain in service to this day, over 30-Years later and still holding water as securely as they did back on day one – a testament to the longevity of our tanks.


    Pioneer Water Tanks America warrants the tank body (including original attachments), and AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner of each new Pioneer Water Tank against defects in material and/or workmanship resulting in leakage, for a period of 20-Years from the date of installation.

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