Pioneer Water Tanks have been developing water storage solutions for the harsh conditions of Australia for over 30 years. Australia’s extreme fire-prone areas and remote communities without water mains make for durable water needs. Pioneer Water Tanks are implemented for fire protection applications throughout the county for the advantages of the engineered system.

1. Exclusive Pioneer Water Tanks design: resistance to fire with over 30-years of research and development

2. Pioneer Water Tanks fire protection applications for ranches, farms, home environments

3. Pioneer Water Tanks fire protection applications for commercial and industrial buildings


Pioneer Water Tanks in Australia provide water storage solutions for fire protection



The Advantages of Pioneer Water Tanks



Pioneer Water Tanks are extensively designed for durability and corrosion resistance. The Zincalume® Steel tank body and AQUALINER® Fresh liner design of Pioneer Water Tanks allow for short term resistance to flames directly on the tank body itself. After a fire immersion event, it should be noted that Zincalume® and COLORBOND® Steel have accelerated corrosion and structural degradation.

One key benefit of investing in a Pioneer Water Tank is that even after a significant fire, the water tank will still be usable for several months and during the event itself. The time after fire devastation is when water is desperately needed for animal watering, etc. Even if the Pioneer Water Tank is severely burnt, the water can be used directly after the fire. For Pioneer Water Tanks that have minor damages on one side of the tank, the panels may be able to be replaced and the liner can be repaired or replaced.


Pioneer Water Tank remained ready after the recent bushfire disaster
This Pioneer Water Tank remained ready to use after the recent bushfire disaster.


Plastic water tanks, known as poly tanks or polyethylene are known to melt with fire exposure and cannot last with fire immersion. During a fire event, the water may not be usable since the structure itself is easily destroyed. “Polyethylene (plastic) constructed tanks fared worst under all levels of exposure.. (1 Bushfire CRC).”


Rural Australian ranch Pioneer Water Tanks are still standing and ready to use after a bushfire disaster while the poly water tanks melted.
Rural Australian ranch Pioneer Water Tanks are still standing and ready to use after a bushfire disaster while the poly water tanks melted.

The Australian Bushfire CRC research on intense fire devastation is cited in American fire-prone areas as an authoritative source. The Del Norte County California Fire Safe Plan states, “There are more and more options for inexpensively storing water. Cisterns—a catchment to collect rainwater—are becoming increasingly popular. Several websites are describing how to make one yourself, start with a search for “cistern.” Low-cost water tanks are also available. Pioneer tanks from Australia are now seen throughout the North Coast ( (2. Del Norte Fire Safe Plan).”

The 2006 Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC) and CSIRO project revealed that Pioneer Water Tanks can withstand 30-minutes of full fire immersion without losing structural integrity and without water loss.


“This valuable research contribution to bushfire safety and preparedness provides community educators with detailed information that informs the fire safety planning of residents. This is particularly important post-Black Saturday as residents in fire-prone areas are eager to purchase defensive equipment including water tanks and are seeking from firefighters advice on the ‘best’ type. The research identifies the structural integrity issues of water tanks under a range of fire impact scenarios which in turn leads to recommendations regarding fuel clearance and the lessening of the vulnerability of tanks….” – Russell Taylor, AFSM, Group Manager Executive Support, NSW Rural Fire Service


Pioneer Water Tanks fire protection applications for ranches, farms, home environments


Pioneer Water Tanks are the premier water storage solution provider in Australia and around the world. Having usable water available for fire emergencies is a top priority in ranch, farming, and home environments. Fire protection and suppression systems are designed for the property and location requirements.


A typical fire protection system would include a Pioneer Water Tank with a fire outlet that creates a fire reserve supply of water. The average fire reserve for a ranch environment is 20,000-liters (5,283-gallons).

“This research indicates that steel construction tanks have the greatest chance of retaining their structural integrity and preventing water loss under bushfire conditions, while polyethylene tanks are at risk of total failure when adjacent combustible items are present, such as heavy forest fuels, fences, structures or even other polyethylene tanks.” – Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC)

> Go to the Full Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre Report on Rain Water Tanks in Bushfires


There are many ways that a water supply is implemented for fire protection including for fire sprinkler systems, to supplement the existing water supply, for the fire response to be able to connect to for easy access.

“I need to make our rainwater storage work as efficiently as possible to meet our agricultural needs- and also so I don’t have the additional outlay for mains water,” said Gavin from Freeling South Australia (SA)
“We wanted to customize our tanks for fire – this was important for us as we needed to not only draw water for agricultural use but fires as well.”

Read the full article:


The Australian network of dealers and installers are an integral part of their communities. After a bushfire event, authorized providers perform Pioneer Water Tank inspections. On Kangaroo Island, Pioneer Water Tanks SA (Southern Australia), performed tank inspections after the recent bushfire devastation in 2019.



“That satisfying feeling you get when your second inspection on Kangaroo Island after the devastating bushfires is a customer telling you the only reason his house is still standing is because of his Pioneer Water Tank.” – Ben Wise, with Pioneer Water Tanks SA


Extreme bushfire conditions in Australia require plans in place. Six days before Black Saturday, February 7, 2009, a family home fire sprinkler system that was recently installed filmed the inspection. The devastating bushfires went across the state of Victoria on what is now called Black Saturday, and the family filmed the system being used to defend their home.


The West Coast of the United States, in particular California, is also experiencing heightened fire disasters. Pioneer Water Tanks are utilized in similar applications for homes, farms, vineyards, commercial properties, and more throughout the state. Pioneer Water Tanks America operates with a local network of authorized company providers and accredited installation experts.

> Learn more about becoming an authorized provider or installer with Pioneer Water Tanks America.

NorCal Fire Protection Water Tanks
WaterMark H2O installed this fire protection water tank for a concrete facility in Clearlake, California.



Pioneer Water Tanks commercial and industrial fire protection applications


All new commercial buildings in Australia have a dedicated fire reserve tank that follows the Design standard AS2419, Australian Standard Code. The AS2304 code describes the required nozzle type and several other extra components with effective capacity relative to the commercial building size.


Pioneer Water Tanks are utilized for applications such as to fill fire trucks and air support, as the water source for hydrants, to supplement existing water supply, and much more.


In the state of Victoria, Australia a series of Pioneer Water Tanks provide a fast, steady source of water for fire trucks and air support.


Shepparton, Victoria Australian firefighters using Pioneer Water Tanks to fill fire trucks and air support

The engineering personnel and independent consulting engineers provide professional design and support services. The flexibility of configuration for Pioneer Water Tanks means nozzles, fittings and other accessories can be specified according to local requirements.

The isolation of Australia’s terrain makes for a lack of water distribution outside of major communities and cities. Fire protection and hydrant systems are essential in case of emergencies that may be supplied solely on water tanks. Divine Water Tanks, accredited provider of Pioneer Water Tanks in Queensland, provide water solutions for a variety of applications including necessary fire protection.


“Divine Water Tanks are proud to have been involved in the upgrade of fire services for 5 schools around SE and Central Queensland. The project included the installation of various Pioneer Fire Water Tanks which formed part of the fire service upgrades.”



Fire conditions in California, Oregon, and Washington can be comparable to the bushfires in Australia. Pacific Northwest states have similar remote communities without water mains who rely on independent water supplies like having a large-capacity Pioneer Water Tank.


40,000 gallon water storage tanks on sale
Fire protection Pioneer Water Tank for a Napa Valley vineyard with a 40,000-gallon capacity.


Four Pioneer Water Tanks in Napa California for fire protection.
Four Pioneer Water Tanks in Napa California for fire protection.


Pioneer Water Tanks America is the distributor for the North American markets. We’re ready to supply water storage solutions for residential and commercial applications with our network of accredited providers. Standard Pioneer Water Tanks are available from 5,000 to 1,000,000-Gallons or can be custom-built up to one million gallons.


Our exclusive North American dealer and project management network facilitate sales, service, and, installations. We offer a full range of accessories and fittings so that your tank meets your needs and performs to the highest standards.



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    1. “Tanks on Trial: Performance of Rainwater Tanks in Bushfire Conditions.” Bushfire CRC, 2010,

    2. Del Norte Fire Safe Plan Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Del Norte Fire Safe Plan Community Wildfire Protection Plan, Del Norte Fire Safe Council, 2005.


    4. “Gavin’s Story From Freeling South Australia – Pioneer Water Tanks.” Pioneer Water Tanks Australia, 3 Dec. 2019,



    Fire Protection Water Storage Solutions Provided by Tanks Alot in Boerne, Texas

    On top of all of the irrigation and rainwater harvesting solutions that Tanks Alot offers, they are ready to provide fire protection water storage tanks. Tanks Alot is an accredited dealer of Pioneer Water Tanks as a full-service-provider for a wide range of applications.

    The engineered XLE series of Pioneer Water Tanks can be configured to the project needs. Tanks Alot can add and upgrade with fire department connections, seismic engineering, and much more.

    A retail center in San Antonio came to Tanks Alot in 2019 in need of enough water capacity to fulfill the local fire marshal fire flow requirements. The space that was allotted for the fire protection water tank had a small space for the diameter without any height restrictions.

    Tanks Alot Provided this Fire Protection Water Tank for a Retail Center
    Tanks Alot Provided this Fire Protection Water Tank for a Retail Center

    Tanks Alot configured an XLE 10/05 Pioneer Water Tank with a 17’ 7” diameter and five-ring tank wall height of 17’ 5” tall. This allowed for a capacity of 31,534-gallons that fulfilled the requirements. The fire protection water tank now stands ready in case of an emergency with the appropriate fire drafting connections and is permitted with the local authority.

    When a rural property in the KremKau Divide in Bexar County needed water storage with fire department connections, Tanks Alot provided an XLE 23/02 Pioneer Water Tank. This fire protection water tank is anchored to a concrete ring beam for additional support. The property has 29,093-gallons of water standing ready in case of an emergency that can be connected to by any local fire department.


    Tanks Alot Provided a Residential Fire Protection Dual Use Water Tank
    Tanks Alot Provided a Residential Fire Protection Dual Use Water Tank


    Recently Tanks Alot provided the Singing Water Vineyards a dual-purpose XLE 50/03 Pioneer Water Tank. The 97,148-gallon capacity water tank will be used for irrigation for the vineyard. The large capacity of Pioneer Water Tanks will enable the vineyard to preserve a backup water supply with a fire department connection in case of emergencies.

    Tanks Alot provided the Singing Water Vineyards a dual-purpose XLE 50/03 Pioneer Water Tank
    Tanks Alot Provided the Singing Water Vineyards a Dual-Purpose XLE 50/03 Pioneer Water Tank

    Family homes in rural areas can also benefit from having a water tank with fire connections. Tanks Alot provided a rainwater harvesting system for the Mata family in the Driftwood, Texas area. The rainwater system collects rainwater off of the home rooftop and conveyed into the Pioneer Water Tank with a wet conveyance system. The XL15/02 Pioneer Water Tank safely stores the rainwater inside with a 20,243-gallon capacity. The rainwater tank includes fire department connections for easy access to water in case of an emergency.


    Tanks Alot provides water solutions for homes and commercial projects
    Tanks Alot Provide Water Solutions for Homes and Commercial Projects

    Talk with Tanks Alot about fire protection water storage solutions for businesses and homes in the Boerne, Texas area. They also provide many other products and solutions for irrigation.

    Learn more at or call (830) 331-7330.


    Have a Tanks Alot representative call you by filling out the following contact form.


      Tanks Alot logo



      Why You’ll Never Complain About Your Pioneer Water Tank Being Too Big, with Harvested Rain Solutions in Austin, Texas


      Water storage capacity is the supply available, and nobody ever complains about having too much. On average, one-inch of rainwater collected from a 1,000-square foot roof can yield about 600 gallons. Without the proper storage, rainwater collected above the capacity is drained out through an overflow pipe. 


      Having an above-ground storage tank for a well water system allows the well to work at a lower pressure and surges in use are easily supplied by the storage tank, with the well refilling the tank over a longer period if it’s a lower yield well.  In case of an emergency or for large peak daily use, such as for irrigation, a larger capacity is preferred.


      Preparedness for fire protection systems and backup water storage also benefits with a larger capacity. Pioneer Water Tanks are the premier large capacity water storage solution for residential and commercial needs.

      Fire Protection Water Tank provided by Harvested Rain Solutions for a commercial property in the Austin, Texas area


      Large capacity concrete and welded water tanks require long installation times with heavy equipment. Pioneer Water Tanks installation advantage is in the engineered construction of the bolted, V-LOCK corrugated tank body that secures the exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner inside to protect the water. The bolt-together construction and roof trussing system enable installations in even the most hard-to-reach areas.


      The cost-efficiency of water storage increases with the capacity so that at a certain point, it just makes more sense to get extra storage for the cost per gallon as compared to a smaller tank. This is why every Pioneer Water Tank owner can tell you that – a tank can never be too big.


      Ron Van Sickle with Harvested Rain Solutions, based in Austin, Texas, has experience with rainwater systems for homes, businesses, and fire protection. Their rainwater system designs include Pioneer Water Tanks for safe, clean storage. The capacity of Pioneer Water Tanks supplies for the needs of the application.


      Sometimes, a rainwater system owner will come back to Harvested Rain Solutions for additional storage that they thought that initially, they wouldn’t need. They end up with two or more Pioneer Water Tanks when they could have had a system designed by Ron with one cost-effective large capacity rainwater tank.

      “We often hear from clients that “a tank that big will never fill up” – only to have them call and tell me they hate seeing water go out the overflow pipe! It is always more cost-effective to order the next size larger tank than it is to add a second tank of any size.” – Ron Van Sickle, owner of Harvested Rain Solutions


      > Go to


      Harvested Rain Solutions are based in Austin, Texas with a service area in Central Texas. As an accredited Master Dealer, Harvested Rain Solutions are ready to provide Pioneer Water Tanks from start to finish.


      Talk with Accredited Master Dealer Harvested Rain Solutions at (877) 693-2166





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        Planning for Water Self Sufficiency with a Large Capacity Pioneer Water Tank

        The first step to planning water self-sufficiency is to adequately prepare for daily water usage with the capacity for a backup. Estimating household water usage should go as detailed as possible. Every detail from the number of showers and the efficiency of a system can have a drastic effect on the amount of water used.

        There are many water usage calculators available online:

        – Water Footprint Calculator gives a daily usage estimate:
        – Texas AgriLife Extension Service Water Usage Calculator:

        Planning a water source that supplies the demands of the household becomes a constant balance that can be cushioned with a backup water supply. Although rural properties typically rely on well water, rainwater harvesting has become a popular clean water source in the United States.

        > Learn more about rainwater harvesting as a water source

        The water source/s supply must be calculated and should be supplemented if the supply cannot meet the demands of the household with a backup.

        Rainwater systems calculate the amount of possible rainfall collected with

        Supply in Gallons = Inches of Rainfall x 0.623 x Area (square feet) x Runoff Coefficient



        Runoff Coefficients

        Character of Surface



        Roof (metal, gravel, asphalt shingle)



        Paving (concrete, asphalt)



        Brick Paving






        Be Prepared with Pioneer Water Tanks

        Well water systems are the landowner’s responsibility to ensure the quality of drinking and having enough supply on hand to meet demands. Well records that show historical well yields, depth of the ground surface to the water, maintenance, etc. combined with local government data can indicate water supply.

        Implementing an above groundwater storage tank reduces running the pump and gives a consistent water pressure. Well yield is the rate at which a well can be pumped without drawing the water level down to the pump intake, measured in gallons per minute, GPM. Since the well yield depends on the aquifer that it’s drawn from, many outside factors can affect the supply available. To become completely self-sufficient with a well system, it’s necessary to have a backup water source, even the ability to truck in water.

        > Learn more about Pioneer Water Tanks for well water systems

        Becoming self-sufficient with your water supply is taking responsibility for the quality and supply of water. Reducing outside factors like groundwater quality or utility water sources increases the ability to control supply and demand. Rainwater harvesting, water wells, natural spring water sources have to be balanced with the water demands of the property that includes drinking and domestic needs.

        Pioneer Water Tanks provide clean water storage in a large enough capacity to fulfill drinking and domestic needs, along with provided capacity for a backup. Pioneer Water Tanks come standard with our exclusive NSF-61 certified tank liner the AQUALINER® Fresh that keeps water fresh for longer. Fire department connections and other accessories can be added to make your Pioneer Water Tank multi-functional.

        Pioneer Water Tanks are implemented worldwide for drinking and domestic water applications. Our clients rely on the consistent clean water supply that Pioneer Water Tanks provide. Our 20-year warranty on the tank body and tank liner guarantees this. Call today and learn more about our network that provides localized service.


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          Pioneer Water Tanks New Option to Add Smart Water Savers Increases Rainwater Collection


          Pioneer Water Tanks is proud to announce the new Smart Water Saver option. Smart Water adds 1.2MM water flow slots to the rooftop allowing for the potential to harvest hundreds of gallons extra of rainwater.


          The amount of Smart Water Savers that can be added depends on the model of Pioneer Water Tank selected. For an annual rainfall of 23-inches, the XL 23 Pioneer Water Tank can collect around an extra 8,004-gallons from the rooftop addition.


          Learn More:


          Smart Water Savers are manufactured with Food Grade Material that is UV Stabilized polyethylene. The optional Smart Water Savers are designed with a low-profile concave shape and small 1.2MM slots that help to keep debris from coming in.

          See a closeup of a Smart Water Saver with the 1.2MM slots and concave structure that fits in well with the Pioneer Water Tanks roof:

          The concave shape fits perfectly into the Pioneer Water Tanks rooftop corrugation that allows the rainwater to flow into the 1.2MM slots for clean storage.


          Families and businesses choose Pioneer Water Tanks for clean rainwater storage for many reasons. One of the top reasons is the Pioneer Water Tanks exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner. The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is third-party NSF-61 certified for drinking water storage and BPA-free. The National Safety Foundation standards for drinking water are developed by a team of scientists and industry experts to guarantee products worldwide.


          Pioneer Water Tanks partnered with worldwide leading experts SANITIZED® to embed their antimicrobial technology into the top layer of the tank liner. The SANITIZED® antimicrobial technology actively works against bacterial growth to keep water fresh and clean for longer.


          Pioneer Water Tanks includes our industry-leading 20-Year warranty on the tank and AQUALINER® Fresh liner. The warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship resulting in leakage, for 20-Years from the date of installation.

          Key Benefits:

          • Efficiently catches rainwater from the corrugated tank roof

          • Water flow slots are 1.2MM wide to help keep mosquitos and insects out

          • TEK screws ensure that it’s firmly fixed to the roof

          • Low profile concave shape allows leaves and debris to move over the top, keeping your tank roof clean

          • Designed to last with UV stabilized polyethylene

          • Designed to be safe with Food Grade material


          We offer a wide variety of water-storage options with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Gallons. Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by our industry-leading warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you have a clean water storage solution that will last.


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            Learn More:




            Safely store clean water in cold weather and in the winter with Pioneer Water Tanks America

            Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to work best within the recommended temperature range of the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner (-22°F to 158°F) with the option to implement the Industratex® liner that can withstand a constant temperature down to -4°F. For applications outside of our standard temperature range offerings will need a consultation with our design engineers.

            > Learn more about the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner


            > Learn more about the Industratex® tank liner


            The American Water Works Association (AWWA) generalizes that there are three main causes of water tanks freezing: static water conditions (lack of sufficient water turnover), insufficient tank overflow, and improper design of the structure. Pioneer Water Tanks address these issues within the allotted temperature range with our high quality professional engineered tank designs to be specified into systems for the conditions of the project.

            It takes a long time for a larger volume of water to freeze completely, compared to a smaller volume. Implementing larger water storage tanks, like Pioneer Water Tanks, in a system that regularly relies on regular water usage and replacement can prevent freezing in most conditions. The round shape of Pioneer Water Tanks has a smaller surface area as compared to a rectangular or cube-shaped tank, causing less heat loss and providing better insulation.


            Preparing Pioneer Water Tanks for Cold Weather
            Preparing Pioneer Water Tanks for Cold Weather


            The Pioneer roof structures utilize the strength of square hollow sections, fully welded and post galvanized to build a strong, robust structure. The engineered dome roof structure of Pioneer Water Tanks prevents water buildup since the water rolls off of the slight slope of the roof structure.

            The AWWA recommends water tanks with a sloped roof helps to prevent a gradual buildup of ice on top since the water rolls off instead of collecting and freezing.

            Pioneer Water Tanks include our 6-inch overflow pipe to prevent tank overflow. Our water storage tanks can be easily configured with ventilation air-flow options to increase water turnover. We offer a wide range of commercial accessories to resolve project requirements including airflow and overflow.


            Pioneer Water Tanks ventilation air flow options
            > Learn More


            The AWWA recommends avoiding insulating the bottom of water tanks since the warm air from below increases the temperature of the tank and prevents the water from freezing. Pioneer Water Tanks are built on concrete ring beams or a clean sand pad base, depending on the application and the location of the project. This allows for the tank liner inside that’s protecting the water to sit on a clean sand pad base, which helps to prevent freezing.


            Concrete ring beam for Pioneer Water Tanks
            Concrete ring beam for Pioneer Water Tanks


            Above ground connecting pipes should be insulated to prevent heat loss and gradual freezing. Chose pipe insulation based on the temperature rating the manufacturer recommends that includes foam pipe wrapping, faucet covers, expanding spray foam, etc.

            When preparing your water system for winter, or cold weather, check for leaks or gaps in insulation and fix anything left open to prevent heat loss.

            We recommend checking with the water pump manufacturer for specific instructions for pump winterization and maintenance. Sometimes if you work with a contractor, they could have a winterization plan for the water systems they have installed and may also be a resource.

            Water storage tanks should have a cold weather plan in place on top of a durable design, like standard and commercial Pioneer Water Tanks. Prepare for cold weather with sufficient water turnover, water overflow and proper tank design with Pioneer Water Tanks America.


            We offer a wide variety of water-storage options with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Gallons. Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by our industry-leading warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you have a clean water storage solution that will last.

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              Oklahoma Pioneer Fire Protection System Provides Easy Access to Water


              Pioneer Water Tanks America provided a fire protection system for a commercial property in Durant, Oklahoma in September. The project included Ben Pedraza, Innovative Water Solutions, Hydrona LLC and Tank Builders for a coordinated installation.


              The fire protection system implements an XLE 60/08 Pioneer Water Tank with a 300,000-gallon capacity. The fire protection tank has a 41 feet and eight-inch diameter with a 27 feet and eight-inch tank wall height.

              The fire protection Pioneer Water Tank includes anti-vortex nozzles for easy access to the water supply in case of an emergency. Fire hoses can be attached swiftly to the approved anti-vortex nozzles. The caged ladder and lockable access hatch are engineered to OSHA requirements for the rare occasion that the tank needs to be entered or examined from the top. The supplemented water supply tank was required by the local authority because of inadequate fire flow. The Pioneer Water Tank is now ready to supply water at the required pressure for firefighting.

              The coordinated installation achieved the project with the proprietary Pioneer Water Tanks jacking system that doesn’t require the use of heavy machinery. This efficient installation process reduces the count of workers and expensive equipment needed.

              The proprietary jacking system can be seen lifting the bottom of the tank during the installation. The next ring is bolted on as the installation progresses.


              Pioneer Water Tanks America supplies NFPA 22 compliant turnkey and custom fire protection water tanks along with our local dealer and installation network. Pioneer Water Tank systems have the option to include engineering submittal drawings as well as engineer wet-stamped project papers for permitting.


              We provide everything for your fire protection water storage project from design needs to an accredited installation onsite with a warranty to back the tank and tank liner. Our full lines of commercial accessory options can be added to comply with local fire authority requirements and ensure that your water is ready for emergencies.



              Fire Protection Water Solutions


              Pioneer Water Tanks America exhibited and spoke at the 2019 National Fire Protection Association Conference & Expo. We provide residential and commercial water storage solutions with NFPA compliant fire protection options.


              Pioneer Water Tanks America presented Using Rainwater for Fire Protection, with regards to NFPA 13 A.23.21.

              Using Rainwater for Fire Protection According to NFPA
              Using Rainwater for Fire Protection According to NFPA

              > Go to a PDF of the Presentation

              Rainwater has become a sustainable water source for many applications. NFPA 13 A.23.21 stipulates that recycled or reclaimed water that has been properly analyzed for quality, is adequate for fire protection use. We will present successful past projects and general steps to implementing rainwater for fire protection.




              Presentation Resources:


              1. NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems



              2. NFPA Dynamics of Wildfire: Where is there available water?



              3. Minnesota Stormwater Manual: Stormwater and rainwater harvest and use/reuse combined



              4. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Rainwater Harvesting for Fire Protection



              5. The Jefferson Monticello Historical Preservation: Cisterns



              Pioneer Water Tanks are compliant with NFPA National Fire Protection Association standards for fire protection applications. Fire protection packages come with a complete set of engineer-approved drawings with an option to add an engineer-stamped cover letter specifically for the project.


              We offer a wide variety of water-storage options with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Gallons. Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by our industry-leading warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you have a fire-protection solution that will last.

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                The 2019 Pioneer Water Tanks America Dealer Conference: Leading the Way in Water happened on April 26th – 27th, at the Retreat at Balcones Springs in Marble Falls. The gathering included our dealer and installer network that came from Australia, Mexico, California, and from around Texas.


                Scott Barnett with Pioneer Water Tanks opened with announcements and a presentation on the newest innovations and acquisition. Be on the lookout for Pioneer Water Tanks America announcing these developments from research and development.

                Scott Barnett


                Jessica Huntington followed with marketing presentations focusing on growing our markets and providing the best customer service in water storage. Pioneer Water Tanks Year in Review and Updates were presented by Ashlea Keith. Richard Dunfield followed with Fire Protection and Fire Fitting Options with an introduction to our featured speaker.

                Jessica Huntington


                Ashlea Keith


                Richard Dunfield


                Gilead R. Ziemba, P.E., M.Sc. Partner and Sr. Fire Protection Engineer for the Fire Protection Consulting Group, LLC (link) spoke on NFPA 22 Standard for Water Tanks for Fire Protection. Mr. Ziemba covered fire tank basics and their purpose, tank sizing, and components that align with NFPA 22 standards.

                Gilead R. Ziemba, P.E., M.Sc.
                Gilead R. Ziemba, P.E., M.Sc.


                Colin Chatfield presented “Sales Process and Customer Tracking” focusing on his area of management, California.

                Colin Chatfield


                Learn more about the water storage needs and solutions of California:


                California Water Storage Tanks


                California Fire Protection Water Tanks


                Pioneer Water Tanks America announced the 2019 Awards to showcase our network of businesses.

                Top Texas Sales 2019 Award Winner Harvested Rain Solutions is based in Austin, Texas as the Rainwater Management Company that Makes Every Drop Count!


                Harvested Rain Solutions was founded in 2008 to make better use of the tens of thousands of gallons of water that run off roofs every year in the Austin area. Rainwater harvesting is a solution to water shortages that originates literally right over our heads! HRS is a Texas State Licensed Irrigation Contractor and can help with the full development of an RWH system from collection to use.



                Call (877) 693-2166


                The 2019 Top California Sales Award goes to WaterMark H20 in Santa Cruz, California, providing complete design, installation water solutions for residential and commercial projects across California.

                Watermark Rainwater Harvesting

                The Watermark H2O team has collectively been in the residential and commercial building industry for well over forty years. Providing water storage, fire protection, greywater solutions throughout California.



                Call (408) 690-7581


                The 2019 Top Pioneer Water Tanks Mexico Sales Winner Apromsa meets the needs of industrial, agricultural and livestock water storage, as well as provides other system solutions.


                “Nuestra misión es satisfacer las necesidades de almacenamiento de agua de nuestro principal cliente usted.”



                Call 01 (871) 7 57 52 78


                The Lakota Water Company’s extensive rainwater and water treatment systems across the United States with excellence in customer service is recognized as 2019 Best in Customer Service with Pioneer Water Tanks America.

                Lakota Water Company in Texas


                Incorporating in 2002 as Rossing’s, Inc. d/b/a Lakota Water Company, the staff and crews have serviced nearly 1,000 customers across the nation with either rainwater harvesting or water treatment needs, both residential and commercial. Specializing in the installation of large-scale potable rainwater harvesting systems, the company is also known for consulting, design, and inspections of rainwater systems.



                Call (512) 858-0860


                The 2019 Big Project Award is Harvest Rain // Rainwater Services for their Champion Ranch XL 150/02 Pioneer Water Tanks with 180,000-Gallons of rainwater storage. Expect the biggest and best from this expert Dripping Springs, Texas-based company.


                Harvest Rain is a full-service rainwater company providing rainwater collection and turn-key NFPA fire protection systems for residential and commercial needs in Texas.



                Call 512-645-2955

                FLOW Rainwater Systems, LLC are recognized as the 2019 Pioneer Water Tanks America Sales Growth Award and are based in the New Braunfels, Texas area. Talk with Flow Rainwater Systems to find the absolute best water storage solution to fit your needs and your budget.

                FLOW wants to help you find the absolute best water storage solution to fit your needs and your budget. We network with some of the most qualified specialists in the industry to ensure you are getting what you pay for and walking with you every step of the process.



                Call (832) 384-6550

                All-Tex Irrigation & Supply stands out for 2019 Pioneer Water Tanks America Best Business Branding with projects that help their local San Angelo, Texas area and top-notch customer satisfaction. They are featured for their Kirby Park project and are local sponsors of several community events.


                All-Tex Irrigation & Supply was established in 1987, we provide expertise in all your water needs. Serving San Angelo and the surrounding areas, we have solutions for irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, new wells, replacement wells, water pressure problems, and booster pump systems and more.



                Call (325) 949-1172



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                  Pioneer Water Tanks Provide Clean and Fresh Rainwater Storage


                  Rainwater harvesting is legal across America, with eight states that have restrictions. For example, Colorado residents can legally collect rainwater but only up to 150-Gallons, according to Colorado House Bill 16-1005 (2016)


                  (Learn More about the Legality of Rainwater Harvesting)


                  Rainwater is a clean, sustainable water source with the perfect pH for plants that is untouched by ground contamination. It’s a widely used water source, even in dry and arid regions. In Texas, it’s encouraged by the State with sales tax exemptions as well as local financial incentives. (Learn More)

                  Rainwater harvesting can be done on a small DIY scale with a rain barrel, but anything larger than that should require a professional who has the accreditation and experience. We recommend working with an ARCSA, American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, Accredited rainwater professional to ensure that your system will be up to standard.


                  Successful rainwater systems start with a few considerations:


                  – the annual rainfall in your area

                  – what the water will be used for

                  – if the property has access to another water source such as a utility main or a water well

                  – Roof collection area, rooftop materials, downspout locations, and gutter system

                  Rainwater systems are designed for these considerations. You wouldn’t want a system that stores too much or too little rainwater to fulfill your water needs. Some residential and commercial properties will run their entire water system off of their rainwater tank, while yet others keep it separate to supply a specific purpose like irrigation.


                  The basic rainwater system breaks down to


                  The Rooftop Collection Area: True rainwater harvesting systems only use a building roof to collect rain from. Collecting water from anything else would probably be considered something else.


                  The Gutter System: The gutter system needs to have a filter that removes organic matter, like seamless gutters.


                  Downspouts and Conveyance: When a rainwater system is installed after a house is already built, the location of everything can determine where the rainwater system is located.


                  Rainwater Storage Tank: Pioneer Water Tanks are the top of the line water storage system that ensures that your water is fresh and clean.


                  Pump / Filters / Other Accessories: All of these things are entirely dependent on the system needs and what it will be used for. Some systems use gravity, while others use pumps and filtration.


                  We supply Pioneer Water Tanks to keep rainwater fresh and clean for later use. Rainwater is protected within our exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner, that’s BPA-Free and NSF-61 Certified with antimicrobial technology embedded into the top layer. From storage to use, rainwater is used as a drinking water source and for domestic purposes worldwide.


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