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There are digital tools to help water well owners understand how much water is available in a well. There is the alternative, basic calculations that can also estimate how much water is available to them, especially when the property is first purchased or if something major has affected the well. The volume of your well can be estimated in gallons using this simple calculation tool below.


The equation used is V = πr2h. This calculates pi * radius^2 * the height of the water currently in your well, this gives us the number of cubic inches. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon so this is then divided by 231 which gives us the estimated amount of gallons currently in your well.


How can I find out the height of the water currently in the well (also known as the water depth)?


Finding the depth of the water currently available can be done a few ways but one simple DIY technique is to tie a weight to a long piece of string and lower it down. When the weight hits the bottom of your well, stop lowering the string and raise it up to then measure the length of the wet part of the rope for an estimated depth of water height.

The weighted string is lowered until it hits the bottom of the water well.

How can I find out the radius of my water well?


One way to find out the radius of circular water wells is to first take the diameter of the well. The diameter is the straight line passing from side to side through the center of a body or figure. The diameter is then divided by two and that is the radius of the well.

The diameter measurement of a circular water well.

The diameter is just the measurement straight across the well.


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