Watermark Installs a Rainwater System for the Central Home Supply in Santa Cruz County

Watermark Rainwater Harvesting


Serving Santa Cruz County and Beyond with Sustainable Water Systems

The Watermark Rainwater Harvesting team provide systems for residential and commercial buildings in Santa Cruz County and beyond. The goal at Watermark is to design and build sustainable water systems that are efficient and easy to maintain.


“We are committed to helping our customers Design, Build and understand the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater systems while creating and inhabiting a resilient sustainable environment for the future.” – Mick Merrell, owner of Watermark Rainwater Harvesting


A recent project of Watermark can be found at the Central Home Supply store in Scotts Valley, California. The system uses the metal building roof as the collection space with a gutter system that conveys the rainwater into the 3,000-gallon capacity Pioneer Water Tank.

The rainwater can be used for irrigation for Central Home Supply and is a clean, renewable water source. With only one inch of rain on a small, 2,000-square foot roof, you can collect around 1,200 gallons of clean rainwater. There are many residents in Santa Cruz County that collect a lot more capacity during the rainy season so that they can use it the rest of the year.


One of the initial calculations that Watermark provides is the estimated about of rainwater that can be collected from a building roof.


This tank didn’t need a permit.

Santa Cruz County recommends using rainwater systems as a sustainable water source. A building permit isn’t required in Santa Cruz County for rainwater systems if the following situations are in place:


–  The system is only used for outdoor, non-spray irrigation purposes
–  The rainwater storage tank has a capacity of less than 5,000-gallons
–  The ratio of height to diameter (or width) of the rainwater tank doesn’t exceed 2 to 1.
–  The rainwater harvesting system doesn’t require power. (Gravity alone can usually supply enough pressure to 5,000-gallon systems).
–  The system doesn’t mix the rainwater with a different water source like utility water.



Read more: http://www.sccoplanning.com/Portals/2/Rainwater%20Harvest.pdf?ver=2018-04-17-134151-573

Watermark Rainwater Harvesting has a lot of experience working with the County Building department requirements for rainwater system permitting if needed. They can supply an optional engineer-stamped package for the permit where required.


Talk with Watermark today at 408-690-7581 or learn more at their website http://watermarkrainwaterharvesting.com/


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