What is the best tank for drinking water storage?



Storing potable drinking water depends on the quality of the water tank construction and materials utilized. The BPA-free, NSF-61 certified AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner stores water at the potable drinking water standard.

Which tank is best for drinking water?

For over 30-years, Pioneer Water Tanks have focused solely on clean, drinking water storage solutions. The materials that store water exceed FDA and USDA requirements with a tank liner certified ANSI / NSF-61 for potable drinking water storage. The top priority of Pioneer Water Tanks is to design with the best materials possible specific for drinking water storage.

The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks. The tank liner is designed with criteria to be both long-lasting and the best suitable material for potable drinking water storage. The proprietary design maximizes flexibility and balances abrasion-resistance durability.



Another exclusive advantage to the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is embedded antimicrobial technology to inhibit contamination. SANITIZED® is the world-leading institute in antimicrobial hygiene technology and partnered with Pioneer Water Tanks to create the liner. The AQUALINER® Fresh is a new cutting-edge tank liner that works to protect against the build-up of mold, algae, mildew, and biofilm.

The Pioneer Water Tank ZINCALUME® steel body protects the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner inside. The water is enclosed, tight against leakage with an NSF-61 certified seal installed between the corrugated roof and the top tank edge. Clean water stored inside a Pioneer Water Tank is kept at potable drinking water standards.


Clean water storage tanks
Clean water storage tanks


The PIONEER V-LOCK® design maximizes the strength of your tank to ensure it stays in shape when full or empty while minimizing liner stress. The PIONEER V-LOCK® corrugated profile makes Pioneer Water Tanks stiffer and stronger than rounded corrugated tanks. Onsite installation never requires onsite welding or heavy machinery for an efficient process.


V Lock Pioneer Water tanks profile
V-Lock Profile of Pioneer Water Tanks


The domed roof of Pioneer Water Tanks ensures water will run off instead of building up. Pioneer Water Tanks’ engineering focuses on keeping water fresh and clean. Reliable potable water storage solutions start with Pioneer Water Tanks.


How do you keep the water clean in a storage tank?

Keeping water clean depends on the materials and quality of the construction of the water storage tank. The National Safety Foundation certifies materials as suitable for potable drinking water storage with the NSF-61 standard. The American Water Works, AWWA, mandates the management of water including the engineering of water storage tanks.


Harvested Rain Solutions provided a rainwater harvesting system from design, to installation. Rainwater is stored within the Pioneer Water Tank.
Harvested Rain Solutions clean water storage with a Pioneer Water Tank.


Pioneer Water Tanks America is ready to provide top-tier water storage solutions with our network of local providers.

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