Why You’ll Never Complain About Your Pioneer Water Tank Being Too Big



Why You’ll Never Complain About Your Pioneer Water Tank Being Too Big, with Harvested Rain Solutions in Austin, Texas


Water storage capacity is the supply available, and nobody ever complains about having too much. On average, one-inch of rainwater collected from a 1,000-square foot roof can yield about 600 gallons. Without the proper storage, rainwater collected above the capacity is drained out through an overflow pipe. 


Having an above-ground storage tank for a well water system allows the well to work at a lower pressure and surges in use are easily supplied by the storage tank, with the well refilling the tank over a longer period if it’s a lower yield well.  In case of an emergency or for large peak daily use, such as for irrigation, a larger capacity is preferred.


Preparedness for fire protection systems and backup water storage also benefits with a larger capacity. Pioneer Water Tanks are the premier large capacity water storage solution for residential and commercial needs.

Fire Protection Water Tank provided by Harvested Rain Solutions for a commercial property in the Austin, Texas area


Large capacity concrete and welded water tanks require long installation times with heavy equipment. Pioneer Water Tanks installation advantage is in the engineered construction of the bolted, V-LOCK corrugated tank body that secures the exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner inside to protect the water. The bolt-together construction and roof trussing system enable installations in even the most hard-to-reach areas.


The cost-efficiency of water storage increases with the capacity so that at a certain point, it just makes more sense to get extra storage for the cost per gallon as compared to a smaller tank. This is why every Pioneer Water Tank owner can tell you that – a tank can never be too big.


Ron Van Sickle with Harvested Rain Solutions, based in Austin, Texas, has experience with rainwater systems for homes, businesses, and fire protection. Their rainwater system designs include Pioneer Water Tanks for safe, clean storage. The capacity of Pioneer Water Tanks supplies for the needs of the application.


Sometimes, a rainwater system owner will come back to Harvested Rain Solutions for additional storage that they thought that initially, they wouldn’t need. They end up with two or more Pioneer Water Tanks when they could have had a system designed by Ron with one cost-effective large capacity rainwater tank.

“We often hear from clients that “a tank that big will never fill up” – only to have them call and tell me they hate seeing water go out the overflow pipe! It is always more cost-effective to order the next size larger tank than it is to add a second tank of any size.” – Ron Van Sickle, owner of Harvested Rain Solutions


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