Concrete Water Tanks Compared to Pioneer Water Tanks



Pioneer Water Tanks crate delivery and onsite installation enable a quick turnaround to clean water storage. Water storage is ready to go immediately after the installation inspection is approved in a Pioneer Water Tank. Concrete water tanks installation times can last for several weeks up to months, on top of 28-days or longer curing time.


Concrete can take 28 days or more to be fully cured, on top of several weeks or months of installation time.

Pioneer Water Tanks are usable after installation that can take a day to a week. 

Most concrete water tanks require an expensive full-slab base with rows of concrete footings under the tank structure. 

Our network builds Pioneer Water Tanks on either a residential prepared sand/rock aggregate pad or a Reinforced Concrete Ring Beam Foundation. The Pioneer ring beam is a relatively simple and time-efficient base to construct at a fraction of the cost of a concrete slab.  

Liner rubs against concrete and breaks down over time

PIONEER V-LOCK® structure is the strength of corrugated steel and maintains support for the liner

Recyclable – can be broken down and used again

Recyclable and moveable – ZINCALUME® steel is utilized again and again

Requires heavy machinery and expensive delivery for precast concrete tanks, cement materials

Pioneer Water Tanks have crate delivery to the project site. Installers never need to use heavy machinery or weld when building Pioneer Water Tanks. 

Tank owners are unable to move or alter concrete tanks without compromising tank integrity. 

Pioneer Water Tanks are moveable and customizable even after the installation is complete. 

Concrete tanks are known to crack from shifting soil, weathering, extreme events, etc. 

The structural integrity of ZINCALUME® steel Pioneer Water Tanks is proven to outlast intensive environments and extreme weather events, including fire immersion.

Water vapor leaves concrete surfaces based on the Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER), concrete tank walls have a water loss. 

Water is stored within the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner, protected within the sealed Pioneer Water Tank body. The sealed roof of a Pioneer Water Tank helps to prevent water loss.   



The Pioneer Ring Beam represents 80% savings compared to the cost of an equal-capacity concrete water tank foundation. Residential Pioneer Water Tanks also have the cost-saving option of a prepared sand/rock aggregate pad. Concrete water tanks require expensive full-slab bases with intricate rows of concrete footings. The cost and time frame comparison are unmatched even from the start with the base construction.

Pioneer Water Tanks anchored foundation
Concrete Ring Beam Base of a Pioneer Water Tank


PIONEER V-LOCK® Tank Profile design is unique to Pioneer Water Tanks. The proprietary corrugation profile enables maximum strength while supporting the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner. PIONEER V-LOCK® tank design prevents wicking as well as provides multiple connection points down the liner for support.

PIONEER V LOCK Tank Structure
PIONEER V-LOCK® Tank Structure


The waterproofing of concrete water tanks breaks down over time into the water supply. Concrete tank walls rub against liners that cause the need for repair or replacement. Some concrete tanks lack an interior coating that can affect the water quality and lead to water loss.

ZINCALUME® Steel recycles potentially endlessly. The engineering of Pioneer Water Tanks enables deconstruction for moving to a different location. Only accredited providers can deconstruct and install Pioneer Water Tanks to keep the tank within warranty.

Concrete is recyclable and requires specialized machinery to break the tank down and make it into aggregate.

The engineering and durability of the ZINCALUME® Steel components of Pioneer Water Tanks enable water storage solutions in intensive environments. Pioneer Water Tanks engineering withstands earthquake zones, cyclonic regions, and wildfire emergencies.

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The flexible steel walls help during earthquakes to allow for movement without breaking the Pioneer Water Tank. The design of the internal liner and tank shell enables them to move independently of one another. This flexibility allows Pioneer Water Tanks to withstand emergencies where a non-flexible structure of concrete water tanks can fail.

Pioneer Water Tanks offer a usable water supply during and after an emergency where a concrete tank will often fail. The design and construction of concrete water tanks determine how well they stand during an emergency.

While water doesn’t easily pass through concrete, vapor moves at a rate depending on the porosity and permeability of the concrete. The amount of water loss from concrete tanks also depends on the location. Pioneer Water Tanks safely store water within the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner.

Pioneer Water Tanks keep water fresh and clean


The BPA-free, NSF-61 certified tank liner is protected within the ZINCALUME® steel tank body and sealed roof. The sealed water supply within the five-layered AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner reduces water loss to that of only natural evaporation.

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