Oklahoma Pioneer Fire Protection System for Easy Access to Water



Be Prepared with Fire Protection Pioneer Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks America provided a fire protection system for a commercial property in Durant, Oklahoma in September. The project included Ben Pedraza, Innovative Water Solutions, Hydrona LLC and Tank Builders for a coordinated installation.


The fire protection system implements an XLE 60/08 Pioneer Water Tank with a 300,000-gallon capacity. The fire protection tank has a 41 feet and eight-inch diameter with a 27 feet and eight-inch tank wall height.

The fire protection Pioneer Water Tank includes anti-vortex nozzles for easy access to the water supply in case of an emergency. Fire hoses can be attached swiftly to the approved anti-vortex nozzles. The caged ladder and lockable access hatch are engineered to OSHA requirements for the rare occasion that the tank needs to be entered or examined from the top.


The supplemented water supply tank was required by the local authority because of inadequate fire flow. The Pioneer Water Tank is now ready to supply water at the required pressure for firefighting.

The coordinated installation achieved the project with the proprietary Pioneer Water Tanks jacking system that doesn’t require the use of heavy machinery. This efficient installation process reduces the count of workers and expensive equipment needed.

The proprietary jacking system can be seen lifting the bottom of the tank during the installation. The next ring is bolted on as the installation progresses.

Pioneer Water Tanks America supplies NFPA 22 compliant turnkey and custom fire protection water tanks along with our local dealer and installation network. Pioneer Water Tank systems have the option to include engineering submittal drawings as well as engineer wet-stamped project papers for permitting.


We provide everything for your fire protection water storage project from design needs to an accredited installation onsite with a warranty to back the tank and tank liner. Our full lines of commercial accessory options can be added to comply with local fire authority requirements and ensure that your water is ready for emergencies.

Pioneer Water Tanks for fire protection in Oklahoma


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